Yukong Companion Mission Guide

You unexpectedly rescued a girl, but also got caught up in the Sky-Faring Helm Master's family troubles...


1) Compete Trailblaze Mission ‘A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant’

➥ You can start the mission after completing the requirement and teleport to Astral Cottage space anchor in Stargazer Navalia. After arriving there, you will immediately get a message from Xikui for her urgent request in helping a special office worker after a starskiff crash.

1. Meet up with Welt at Stargazer Navalia

➥ You already teleport to the right spot so continue walking the path and you will see Welt observing the area.

2. Use the cycrane to search for the victim

➥ Once you have control of the cycrane, take a photo using [R] of the crashed starskiff (you can see the puzzle icon).

➥ This is unrelated to the mission, but you can control the cycrane and go to the edge of the limited area (red barrier) so you can get the hidden achievement ‘Take It Easy, Icarus.’

3. Set out to rescue the trapped victim

➥ Now back to the mission, the victim is on top of a container surrounded by the wolves. After taking a picture of her, you and Welt will step down to the area infested with wolves and you need to enter a battle twice (the first one is after talking to her, then another one after the arrival of Yukong and Cloud Knights).

4. Head to the Palace of Astrum and accept Yukong’s gratitude

➥ Teleport to Central Starskiff Haven and head to the Palace of Astrum for another family argument a meeting Yukong.

5. Leave the Palace of Astrum

➥ After getting to know Yukong better, get out of the Palace of Astrum to meet her daughter Qingni.

6. Accompany Qingni through the streets to help clear her mind

➥ Follow the quest navigation until you reach a vending machine. After that, keep accompanying Qingni to hear more about her and Yukong’s history.

7. Head to Stargazer Navalia and search for Yukong’s lost item

➥ You need to use the cycrane to search for Yukong’s lost item.

➥ There are a lot of interactable items when searching for the missing item (which can be detected with the puzzle icon), but the right one is on the north of the searching area, with the item being an arrow on top of the container.

8. Head to the Seat of Divine Foresight and ask Jing Yuan about Yukong’s past

➥ When being given the option to ask some people who know about Yukong’s past, nevertheless of what you choose, you will meet Jing Yuan after Welt’s suggestion.

9. Head to the Palace of Astrum and meet up with Qingni

➥ After getting the information needed, go back to the Palace of Astrum to meet up with Qingni and to find more clues about Yukong’s history on her desk.

10. Search for the location of Yukong’s personal archive in the calculation device

➥ The calculation device is the high-tech-looking desk in the image above.

11. Search for information related to Yukong’s past

➥ After Qingni tinkers with the desk, you can investigate the huge file cabinet with Welt gentlemanly rejects the idea of looking for Yukong’s diary and leaving the two of you alone.

➥ After being approached by Yanming, give him the Divine Arrow Embers and Jing Yuan’s Memories from the list for him to explain in more depth the significance of the items.

➥ When searching for Yukong’s desk, there are 3 options you can search from but the only one that will give out anything useful is the ‘Under the desktop.’

12. Meet up with Welt

➥ After getting and reading Yukong’s diary, meet up with Welt to tell him the result of the investigation.

13. Accompany Qingni to talk with Yukong

➥ Get out from the Palace of Astrum and you will see Yukong just in front. When Welt asks you to give Qingni a little push, bring out Caiyi’s Exchange Diary. Listen to Yukong’s full story to finish the Companion Mission and unlock the Eye of the Cosmos expedition.


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