Yukong Build Guide


Yukong is a 4* Imaginary Harmony character that is only available via Gacha/Warp. She has a unique playstyle in which her buffs do not have turn durations but instead depend on stacks that are consumed after an ally takes a turn. This also incentivizes you to adjust your team’s speed to take advantage of her buffs.


Basic: You will generally want to use Yukong’s Basic whenever her Talent is available. This can also be a decent source of damage when built as a sub-dps. We recommend investing some materials into raising this skill.

Skill: This skill defines Yukong’s playstyle; when used, Yukong gains 2 stacks of Roaring Bowstrings. While Roaring Bowstrings is active, it increases the ATK of all allies by 40(88)%. However, every time an ally takes action, the amount of stacks is reduced by 1; this means you will need to adjust your team’s Speed to ensure your DPS is able to benefit from its effects. 

Note: Yukong will not consume a stack on the turn that her skill is used. Additionally, Follow-up attacks, extra actions, and Ultimates do not consume a stack of Roaring Bowstrings, which means she pairs well with certain characters, such as March 7th, Seele, and Clara. 

Ultimate: Increases Crit Rate and Crit Damage for all allies while Roaring Bowstrings is active. You will want to use Skill before Ultimate to ensure you have Roaring Bowstrings to benefit from its effects. Since this Ultimate has a hefty cost of 130, you will want to use a Light Cone that generates energy and Energy Regeneration Rate Link Rope. 
Talent: Basic Attack deals an additional instance of damage equal to 40% of Yukong’s ATK and increases Toughness-Reducing DMG by 100%. This incentivizes you to rotate between her Basic Attack and Skill, making her Skill Point neutral.

Team Comps

While Yukong can be slotted onto most teams, it is important to note that you will want to adjust your team’s speed to be in line with your main damage dealer. Ideally, your damage dealer should have their turn within 2 turns of using Yukong’s Skill or right after her turn if you are using But the Battle isn’t Over or Past and Future. This is to ensure that your damage dealer will receive the benefits of Yukong’s Buffs. 




Gepard (Shielder)

This team takes advantage of Yukong’s A4, which increases the Imaginary DMG dealt by all allies by 12%. If you plan on using this team, you will want to have Welt as your main damage dealer.

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets
1.Musketeer of Wild Wheat 4pc

Planetary Sets
1.Fleet of The Ageless 2pc
2.Sprightly Vonwacq 2pc
Main Stat:
Body: HP% / Crit Rate (Sub-DPS)
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: HP% / Imaginary DMG (Sub-DPS)
Link Rope: Energy Regen Rate

Sub Stat Priority: 
SPD > HP% = DEF%

Musketeer of Wild Wheat 4pc: Currently, Yukong’s preferred relic set as it helps her gain more turns.  

Fleet of The Ageless 2pc: A TP(Energy) efficient Planetary set to farm as it comes with another great set for damage dealers (Space Sealing Station).
Sprightly Vonwacq 2pc: If you have spare TP(Energy) to spare, we recommend going for Sprightly Vonwacq, as it provides extra Energy Regeneration Rate, which can bring down your rotation by a few turns.


E1: Increase Yukong’s SPD for all allies by 10% for 2 turns. A decent Eidolon that can help you get your set up faster, you will mostly find a use for this in farming stages such as Stagnant Shadow. 

E2: Yukong’s E2 is a strong upgrade to her kit, which allows her to generate more energy to reduce the gaps in between each Ultimate per rotation. However, this requires a slight adjustment to your rotation, as you will have to take an action while her allies are equal to their energy limit. 

E4: When Roaring Bowstrings is active, Yukong deals 30% more damage. A straightforward Eidolon that helps with Yukong’s personal damage output. 

E6: After using Ultimate, Yukong gains 1 stack of Roaring Bowstrings. This is Yukong’s best Eidolon, as it provides the full benefits of her Buffs on demand while also easing up on the Speed adjustments that have to take advantage of her buffs.

Recommended Light Cones


But the Battle Isn’t Over Memories of the Past Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds


Past and Future Meshing Cogs

But the Battle Isn’t Over: A premium 5* Light Cone that is available via gacha and a Light Cone tailor-made for Bronya. Unfortunately, Yukong has no direct way to trigger its secondary effect: When the wearer uses their skill, the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 30% more DMG. Fortunately, you will want to build your team around Yukong’s SPD to be able to take advantage of her Skill and Ultimate, which makes this Light Cone a viable choice for her. 

Memories of the Past: A 4* Light Cone that is available from the gacha performs a similar role to Meshing Cogs, which is to help with energy generation. We recommend this Light Cone to help with Yukong’s energy generation problems. This Light Cone combined with a 5* Energy Regeneration Rate link rope brings down her 6-turn rotation to 4 turns. Another reason to pick this Light Cone over Meshing Cogs is its higher base stats and additional Break Effect.

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds: A 4* Light Cone that is available from the Battle Pass. At the start of the battle and whenever the wearer takes a turn, one of the following effects is applied.

  • All allies’ attack increases by 10% 
  • All allies’ Crit DMG increases by 12%
  • All allies’ energy regeneration increases by 6% 

The applied effect cannot be the same as the last effect applied and will replace the previous effect. An overall great Light Cone; even if the effect applied is randomized, all 3 effects are still great buff for the entire team. We do not recommend using this Light Cone on Yukong as she has energy problems and would prefer to use Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past.

Past and Future: A F2P 4* Light Cone that is available from the Light Cone Manifest shop. While this Light Cone does synergize with Yukong’s playstyle to a certain extent, she, unfortunately, has energy problems and would prefer to use Meshing Cogs or Memories of the Past.

Meshing Cogs: A 3* F2P/Budget Light Cone that regenerates 8 (Superimpose 5) energy when the wearer uses attacks or gets hit. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn. A 3* alternative to Memories of the Past, while its base stats are lower than Memories of the Past, it can easily be upgraded to Superimpose 5 due to its rarity.

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