Yanqing Companion Mission Guide

To apprehend the escaped Stellaron Hunters, the Seat of Divine Foresight lieutenant, Yanqing, went on a solo hunting trip...

1) Reach Trailblaze Level 34 or higher
2) Complete Trailblaze Mission ‘Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns’

1. Go to Central Starskiff Haven and interact with the Diting
➥ Teleport to Earthrise Agora space anchor in Central Starskiff Haven and interact with the Diting in front of the building. When being told to find someone who can understand Diting, March 7th should come across your mind ever since her interaction with a Diting in the previous Trailblaze Mission.

2. Find someone who could understand a Diting’s bark
➥ March 7th is currently also in the Central Starskiff Haven, just on the east of Starskiff Jetty space anchor.

3. Follow the Diting and find the clue
➥ Teleport to Cloudford: Skiff Boarding Area space anchor and follow Diting to check out the clue discovered at Cloudford.

4. Investigate a jade tracer dropped by someone
➥ The item Diting wants to show you is the jade tracer on the ground. Pick it up to see Yanqing’s recording (You will need to create a team with Yanqing as a trial character).

5. Ask the Cloud Knights Captain about Cloudford’s current situation
Starting here, you are inside the recording, so you can’t use the map function.

6. Find clues at Cloudford
➥ There are 3 items you need to find in the quest location (doesn’t have to be in order):
1) Cycrance on the floor
2) Patrol report on the floor
3) Directory of lost Starskiffs under a green parasol

7. Head to Cloudford dock
➥ Follow the quest navigation to head to a dock far south on Cloudford. On the way, you will encounter many enemies and need to move a container.

8. Make the Diting track down the wanted man and ascertain his direction
➥ Once you see a group of fallen Mara-Struck Soldiers, Yanqing will use Diting to follow the scent. But in the end, we found a totally different person.

9. Escord Jingliu
➥ After defeating the Mara-Struck Soldiers, escort Jingliu to the docks. You need to fight some enemies on the way.

10. Investigate the navigator array for the location of the starskiff that Blade took
➥ To complete the Abacus Circuitry, follow the instructions below:
1) Select button 1 and rotate right 2 times
2) Select button 3 and rotate left 3 times
3) Select button 3 and rotate right 2 times

11. Complete swordsmanship with Jingliu as you vanquish abominations
➥ Defeat all enemies and try to reach the destination before Jingliu. Keep following the quest navigation until you reach the last boss.

➥ Jingliu is playable at the moment, but we can’t see any of her Skills and can only let her move on her own.

➥ The memory ends with an epic short battle scene where Yanqing manages to deflect Jingliu’s finishing move.

12. Send the jade tracer along to the Seat of Divine Foresight to tell them about Yanqing’s current situation
➥ Teleport to Synwood Pavilion space anchor in Exalting Sanctum and head to Seat of Divine Foresight to give Jing Yuan the jade tracer.


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