Wraiths of Mirage Difficulty 2

Wraiths of Mirage is a mission that features a challenge with 3 different difficulty level. This is Difficulty Level: 2.

You can only start the Wraiths of Mirage stages by completing Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae Companion Mission. After completing the said mission, Guangjin will message you for an errand. You will automatically obtain the Wraiths of Mirage challenge in Alchemy Commission after reading the message.

1) Use the Reverberation Generator no more than 8 time(s)
2) Allies are knocked down for no more than 2 time(s)
3) Get ambushed no more than 2 time(s)

➥ When you enter the challenge, you will find 5 Mara-Struck Soldiers waiting for you in front of the elevator. I recommend you sprint from your position towards the elevator right at the end of this path. Since all the Soldiers here are melee, you can get away just before they can ambush you. Once you reach the elevator, the enemies will automatically stop and you will be brought upstairs.

➥ When you find the Trotter here, there are 2 options: (Seize the upper hand and strike first!) and (Take advantage of the chaos and catch the Trotter directly). Both of the dialogues will bring you to the same ending where you need to fight the 2 Mara-Struck Soldiers. By the end of the fight, the Trotter still managed to run to the next area.

My Jing Yuan narrowly avoided the bullet

➥ When the battle ends, you can see another group of Mara-Strucks at the front. You can avoid the battle here by sprinting, but there are 2 Ballistarius here that are ranged attackers and their attacks can ambush you. So if you want to avoid battle, try to run in a zig-zag manner so you can avoid any of the stray bullets.

➥ When you reach the Healer’s Market, there are a lot of Mara-Struck Soldiers here and I really recommend avoiding any battles here because it would be a waste of your time. Sprint towards the Sustenance Anchor on the southeast of the Dragon Tree (in the middle of Healer’s Market) and the enemies will stop following after you.

➥ From the Sustenance Anchor, look north towards the small open-air restaurant and use the Reverberation Generator to locate the Trotter. Once again, there will be 2 options here: ‘I’ll just catch it and get this over with,’ and ‘I think I’ should let this poor little guy go.’ Regardless of your choices, you will still enter the battle with the last boss – Disciple of Sanctus Medicus: Shape Shifter.


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