Wraiths of Mirage Difficulty 1

Wraiths of Mirage is a mission that features a challenge with 3 different difficulty level. This is Difficulty Level: 1.

You can only start the Wraiths of Mirage stages by completing Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae Companion Mission. After completing the said mission, Guangjin will message you for an errand. You will automatically obtain the Wraiths of Mirage challenge in Alchemy Commission after reading the message.

Challenge Objectives

1) Use the Reverberation Generator no more than 8 time(s)
2) Allies are knocked down for no more than 2 time(s)
3) Get ambushed no more than 2 time(s)

➥ When you first enter the challenge, Guangjin will use the Reverberation Generator once, but it won’t count towards your objective count. You should be able to run past all the invisible enemies here towards the beach just beside the Sustenance Anchor (follow the quest navigation) and avoid entering any battle. Don’t forget to tap on the sprint button so you can properly avoid any incoming ambushes from the enemies here.

➥ After that, Guangjin will tell you to check on 2 baits near the Sustenance Anchor. The first one can be seen near the beach, southeast of the Sustenance Anchor. It is surrounded by enemies so it’s more safe if you enter the battle here and inflict Weakness rather than take the chance to take the bait and be ambushed.

➥ The second bait is on the other side (northeast of the Sustenance Anchor) and it is quite far from the enemies. You can take the bait here without entering the battle unless you want to.

➥ The last task is to fight the Malefic Ape. You can’t avoid this battle so make sure you take advantage of the Sustenance Anchor to fully heal your team as one of the objectives is ‘Allies are knocked down for no more than 2 time(s).’


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