Winter Soldier’s March Stage 2

Table of Contents

How to Start

1. This Adventure Mission is unlocked when you finish the main story for Belobog. After completing the main story Dunn will send you a message that you can find at the bottom right of the mini-map to start the questline.

2. Teleport to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and use the teleporter shown in the image above.

3. Talk to Aide to select a stage

4. You are REQUIRED to clear the previous difficulty in order to do this stage.

How to Clear

List of Objectives for this stage.

Unlike the previous stage with the gates, you will have to adjust the bridge in order to reach the boss. It is important to note that if you are discovered by an enemy they will become Alert which lets all enemies move first.

1. Walk up the bridge then head left here you will find the first terminal that is required to rotate the bridge. You will have to retrieve the Encryption Key in order to use the terminal. There are 2 enemies that can be found here the one above the stairs will roam near the gate, while the other will be stationary below the stairs.

2. After retrieving the Encryption Key return to the terminal and rotate the bridge Clockwise to have a similar position as the image above.

3. (Optional) Cross the bridge and head over to the two guards keeping watch on the robot, defeating these guards and activating the robot draws the attention of the guard found above the stairs.

4. If you completed step 3 then the guard should be facing backward allowing you to apply “Strike First” debuff onto the enemy. A more detailed explanation of how to fight this guard can be found here.

5. After defeating the guards take the key to the Terminal and move the Bridge Clockwise to have the same position as the image above.

6. This boss is similar to several other Automaton Grizzlys you’ve encountered throughout the Overworld and Story quest. However, this version of the boss has two Automaton spiders already spawned in. Other than that the fight plays out similarly to any other Automaton Grizzly fights.

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