Winter Soldier’s March Stage 1

Table of Contents

How to Start

1. This Adventure Mission is unlocked when you finish the main story for Belobog. After completing the main story Dunn will send you a message that you can find at the bottom right of the mini-map to start the questline.

2. Teleport to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone and use the teleporter shown in the image above.

3. Talk to Aide to select a stage

How to Clear

List of Objectives for this stage.

There are generally 2 ways to go about clearing this Domain, you can either go for a more stealthy approach to reach the final guard or brute force your way through. It is important to note that if you are discovered by an enemy they will become alert and gain the “Strike First” buff.

For stage 1 we recommend going with the brute force method to open the gate as most enemies do not pose a threat if you bring proper AoE/Blast options to the team such as Himeko, Serval, Trailblzer (Physical) or Seele to nuke the boss. Most mobs are mostly weak to either Physical or Wind, however, the boss Dunn does not have a weakness to Wind. Instead, we recommend having Sushang, Trailblzer (Physical) or Seele for the boss fight.

While the boss is not a threat most of the time, there is unfortunately a turn limit if we want to complete the stage objectives.

There are 2 skills you have to look out for in this boss, the first of which is a simple summoning ability that can stall out your turns if you decide to focus on them. You can choose to either ignore them completely as they will automatically be defeated (This only applies to the enemies summoned after the first wave) once the boss has been defeated or to gradually bring the down with AoE to target both the minions and the main boss.

This is the more dangerous mechanic of the boss fight and can one-shot your characters if you aren’t properly leveled. Ideally, you would want to burst down the boss before you ever see this skill used. However, if you are unable so there are generally a few ways to go about the counter.

The most obvious choice would be to not attack him as the skill is considered a counter and will not do anything if you do not attack him, just be mindful of the amount of turns you have left. Another option would be to try and just tank through the damage as the counter only happens once.

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