Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? Event Guide

Where is the Mystery Trotter? Why not consult Regin's homemade sensor at the Goethe Hotel!

Where is the Mystery Trotter? Why not consult Regin’s homemade sensor at the Goethe Hotel!

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
2023/07/28 12:00:00 – 2023/08/14 03:59:00(server time)

Trailblaze Level ≥ 21

Event Overview:
➥ During the event, the Trailblazer can help Regin conduct sensor experiments to look for clues pointing to Trotters. There are 7 clues for Trotters, with one of them becoming available every day. Complete the current Anomaly Detection to unlock the next.
➥ Trailblazers can complete the daily Anomaly Detection to obtain rewards. Complete all Anomaly Detections to obtain Tracks of Destiny.

Gameplay Details

➥ You can start the event mission by talking to Regin in Goethe Hotel, Administrative District of Jarilo-VI. After a brief talk about the gadget he recently made, he will instantly start the first stage where you need to spot the anomalies that his gadget detected.

➥ Click on ‘Keep Investigating’ and when you are faced with a gadget, press and hold the gadget to activate the sensor. The sensor will give out a clue about the anomaly’s location. After that, you just need to go to the location Regin marked on the map and look out for any anomaly.

First Time

Clue: With the help of the sensor, I’m certain the answer lies in that thing in the Administrative District that sells things… That, that… Gah, you know what I mean!

➥ For Anomaly Detection 1, you can investigate the Vending Machine in the Administrative District to discover a Warp Trotter. An early reminder that you will fight the Trotter after interacting with the Vending Machine, so equip your team properly beforehand.

➥ When investigating the Vending Machine, you do need to buy the Torn Manuscript Fragment, so don’t be afraid of using that 1 Credit.

Second Time

Clue: Intuition, such colorful and dynamic intuition! Who’d have thought there’d be such a nice place in the Administrative District?

➥ For Anomaly Detection 2, the anomaly here is the new ad poster in front of a Lost Man and an Assured Woman. You can interact with the NPCs for extra dialogue. After investigating the poster, you will immediately enter a battle with a Warp Trotter.

➥ After the battle ended and the ad poster is no longer there, the two NPCs are still there so you can still talk to them.

Third Time

Clue: Hearing the name Outlying Snow Plains always sends a chill down my spine – Even when the intuition pouring into my brain feels freezing… Let’s just get it over with!

➥ For Anomaly Detection 3, you need to investigate the snow piles in the Outlying Snow Plains. There are 3 Snow Drifts you can investigate, but only one of them is hiding the Warp Trotter.

➥ The correct one is the farthest Snow Drift, which is near a frozen statue on your right. Once interacted with, you will enter battle with the Trotter and complete today’s quest.

Fourth Time

Clue: The art of light and shadow… I- I don’t understand it! I’ve never even been to Boulder Town- whatever will I find there?

➥ For Anomaly Detection 4, go to the little kid and his grandma near a projector. Teach the excited child how to use it and the image of a Warp Trotter will appear.

➥ Although the images show the Warp Trotter in another location, you don’t have to go there. In fact, when the elderly and the child are gone, turn off the projector and the Warp Trotter will appear.

Fifth Time

Clue: Exploring the universe is like looking for a teeny, tiny key. To investigate the anomaly in Rivet Town, the key must be found.

➥ In Anomaly Detection 5, you need to interact with 2 items. The first one is the small heater mechanism behind the huge signboard. You will get ‘A Mysterious Key.’

➥ After that, investigate the huge wardrobe just in front of the heater using the mysterious key to find the Warp Trotter.

Sixth Time

A residence in the Great Mine? Does that mean where someone’s staying…? Did the anomaly hide among the crowd?

➥ In the Great Mine at the pinpointed location, there will be 3 tents. The one with Warp Trotter is the black tent on the most left (In fact, you can see its snout through the opening).

Seventh Time

Something’s not right – very wrong indeed! My intuition is giving me a really bad feeling… Is this… a bad omen for Boulder Town?

➥ First of all, interact with the boxes of geomarrow ore (either kick it or punch it). It’s not the Warp Trotter, but you can now ask the kids on the right whether they saw anything odd.

➥ Lo and behold, the impostor Regin is the Warp Trotter all along.

Gameplay Rewards

➥ By completing all the event challenges in this event, you will get the following rewards:

  • Stellar Jades x500
  • Traveler’s Guide x9
  • Refined Aether x9
  • Lost Crystal x12
  • Lifeless Blade x4
  • Oath of Steel x4
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer x4
  • Key of Knowledge x4
  • Sprout of Life x4
  • Ancestral Hymn x4
  • Obsidian of Desolation x4
  • Torn Manuscript Fragment x1
  • Jim Roger Bread Soda x4
  • Credit x170000

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