Welt Build Guide

The Nihility – Imaginary 

Role: Debuffer

Recommended Skill Priority

Skill Level Priority: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets

If Sub-DPS
1. Wastelander of Banditry Desert
2. Wastelander of Banditry Desert + Musketeer of Wild Wheat (2 piece each)

If Pure Support
1. Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Planetary Sets
1. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat:
Body: HP% or Crit Rate/Crit DMG (Sub-DPS)
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: HP% or Imaginary DMG (Sub-DPS)
Link Rope: HP% or ATK%

Sub Stat Priority
If Pure Support
SPD > HP% = DEF%
If Sub-DPS
Crit Rate = Crit DMG > SPD > ATK%


  • E1 Increases basic attack damage
  • E2 Increases Energy gen
  • E4 targets have a chance to receive increased damage for 2 turns
  • E6 increase skill hit amount
  • Sufficient SPD and Energy regen may be able to stall enemy teams. 
  • Weakness breaker

Early thoughts and analysis

Welt doubles up as a weakness breaker and debuffer. Although his personal damage doesn’t seem to be great, his weakness breaking abilities are pretty good because of his skill can hit hit three times to either separate or same target in total. Welt’s ult can be used to stall enemies actions often if SPD and energy Regen is sufficient enough. 

Recommended Lightcones


In the Name of the World Good Night and Sleep Well Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat


Fermata Loop

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