Version 1.4 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

If you missed the redemption codes, check it out here: 3 New Redemption Codes from 1.4 Special Program

Wish Banner

Phase 1 (1 Banner)

➥ 5 Star: Jingliu
➥ 4 Star: Tingyun + Qingque + Sampo

Phase 2 (2 Banners)

➥ 5 Star: Topaz & Numby / Seele
➥ 4 Star: Guinaifen + Luka + Sushang

New Characters


Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Destruction
Element: Ice

Skill (Transcendent Flash):
When Jingliu uses her Skill “Transcendent Flash,”she accumulates stacks of Syzygy. When Syzygy stacks up to a set amount, Jingliu is consumed by mara and enters a Spectral Transmigration state.
In the Spectral Transmigration state, Jingliu’s every attack deducts a set percentage of HP from her allies’ Max HP. However, her ATK increases according to the corresponding total HP consumed.

Enhanced Skill (Moon on Glacial River):
While in the Spectral Transmigration state, Jingliu’s Skill “Transcendent Flash” becomes “Moon On Glacial River,” and she is unable to launch Basic ATKs. Moon On Glacial River doesn’t consume Skill Points but does consume stacks of Syzygy. When stacks reach 0, Jingliu exits the Spectral Transmigration state.

Ultimate (Florephemeral Dreamflux):
Jingliu’s Ultimate, Florephemeral Dreamflux, deals a set percentage of her ATK as Ice DMG to a single target and adjacent enemies, as well as granting her additional stacks of Syzygy.

Topaz & Numby

Rarity: 5-Star
Path: The Hunt
Element: Fire

➥ At the start of an allied turn, if no enemy on the battlefield is inflicted with Proof of Debt, Topaz will inflict this state on a random enemy — thereby boosting the follow-up attack DMG they receive.

Talent (Trotter Market!?):
During battle, Numby starts out with an initial SPD and acts autonomously — attacking enemies inflicted with Proof of Debt. Excluding Numby’s own turns, every time an ally follow-up attack hits an enemy inflicted with Proof of Debt, Numby’s action is Advanced Forward.

Skill (Difficulty Paying?):
Topaz’s Skill, “Difficulty Paying?” is able to reallocate Proof of Debt to a different target — allowing Numby to immediately launch an assault, and deal a set percentage of Topaz’s ATK as Fire DMG to the new target. This counts as a follow-up attack.

Ultimate (Turn a Profit!):
Topaz’s Ultimate, “Turn a Profit!” allows Numby to enter the “Windfall Bonanza!” state. In this state, DMG and CRIT DMG dealt by Numby both experience an increase. If that wasn’t enough, every time an ally’s Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate hits an enemy inflicted with Proof of Debt, Numby’s action is additionally Advanced Forward! After Numby launches a set number of attacks, this effect is dispelled.

Technique (Explicit Subsidy):
Allows Topaz to summon Numby when entering a map. Numby then automatically seeks out Basic Treasures and Trotters within a certain range — leading Topaz right to the loot. The best part? Trotters won’t be alerted to their approach, and this effect doesn’t even consume Technique Points!
If Topaz and Numby enter combat after using their Technique, our little Warp Trotter regenerates a set amount of Topaz’s Energy after launching their first attack.
If Topaz and Numby are still in the team after winning a battle entered in this way, the team receives a small amount of additional credits up to a set daily limit.


Rarity: 4-Star
Path: Nihility
Element: Fire

Skill (Blazing Welcome):
When using her Skill, “Blazing Welcome,” Guinaifen launches firecrackers, dealing Fire DMG to her target and adjacent enemies, with a chance of inflicting Burn.

Basic ATK (Standing Ovation):
After unlocking the Trace “High Poles,” her Basic ATK, “Standing Ovation,” also has a chance of inflicting enemies with Burn.

Talent (Patraeon Benefits):
When Guinaifen is on the battlefield and an enemy sustains Burn DMG, there is a chance they’ll enter a Firekiss state. Firekiss is stackable and limited to a set number of turns. While in the Firekiss state, enemies sustain increased DMG!

Ultimate (Watch This Showstopper):
Her Ultimate, “Watch This Showstopper,” summons and detonates an even bigger firecracker in the form of a diting, dealing Fire DMG to all enemies. Targets already inflicted with Burn… sustain additional DMG as a set percentage of the Fire DMG.

New Light Cones

1) I Shall Be My Own Sword

2) Worrisome, Blissful

New Stage & Enemies

1) Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Scorch

Materials for Topaz and Guinaifen

2) New Enemies in New Area

Senior Staff: Team Leader
Grunt: Field Personnel
Grunt: Security Personnel

New Missions

1) Companion Mission

➥ In the brand-new 1.4 mission “Clouds Leave No Trace,” an anonymous letter silently appears on the Express. It seems an unexpected visitor has extended an invitation, and is looking to connect with Dan Heng to delve deeper into the tale of the Xianzhou.

2) Trailblaze Continuance Mission

New Events

1) Aetherium Wars

➥ “Aetherium Wars” is set to unveil an offline fan event on Jarilo-VI — the “Interastral Tournament Festival.”

➥ To secure a spot in the grand final, contestants must collect and nurture Aether Spirits, which can be found within Victory Zones. Aether Spirits are digital replicas of creatures designed to serve as combat companions.

➥ It’s also worth noting that Aether Spirits, both allied and enemy alike, are classified into three types: Mechanical, Humanoid, and Aberrant. In combat, these types have a cyclical relationship, with each one countering another. Attacking enemies that are vulnerable to your current Aether Spirit’s type will allow you to deal extra DMG.

➥ As you advance through the competition, you’ll gain access to the even more formidable “Overlord Aether Spirits,” which can be developed to boost their combat prowess.

2) Planar Infinity

➥ In this event, Simulated Universe’s Blessings and Curios multiply. As such, in Planar Infinity’s “Ordinary Plane” challenges, Trailblazers can obtain some wonderful buffs!

➥ Following an Ordinary Plane challenge, Trailblazers will enter Herta’s Final Trial with their buffs in tow! Every time Trailblazers successfully challenge a wave of enemies, a floor is successfully cleared. As floors are cleared, Trailblazers will face off against increasingly difficult enemies.

3) Gift of Odyssey

4) Planar Fissure

5) Realm of the Strange

New Maps

1) Old Weapon Testing Ground & Pillars of Creation

New Additions

1) Story Replay Feature

➥ Trailblazers can now pause dialogue and review surrounding context! All that juicy lore and tasty exposition, buried under trigger-happy mouse clicks — waiting to be rediscovered! This doesn’t mean you can make new choices, though. So always make choices that you know you won’t regret!

Offline Event


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