Version 1.4 Companion Mission Details

Hello, Trailblazers!
After attaining the corresponding Trailblaze Level or completing the prerequisite missions, Companion Missions will be unlocked.

▌Clouds Leave No Trace

● An anonymous letter silently appears on the Express. It seems an unexpected visitor has extended an invitation, and is looking to connect with Dan Heng.
Availability: Permanently available after the Version 1.4 update
Unlock Conditions: Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead”.
Mission Rewards:


● After Trailblazer completes Companion Mission “Clouds Leave No Trace”, some characters who have obtained Visitor Verification may not visit the Express and send Messages temporarily.
● If Trailblazer has obtained the character but hasn’t obtained Message reward and Visitor Verification dialogue reward, these rewards will be issued via other means in the game.


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