Version 1.3 Special Program Livestream Overview

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

This post will include all the official information shared in the recent live stream. Those who do not have the time to watch the program can read this instead to not miss out on any valuable information!

If you missed the redemption codes, check it out here: 3 New Redemption Codes | 300 Stellar Jades

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Phase 1

5 Star: Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae
4 Star: Yukong + Asta + March 7th

Phase 2

5 Star: Fu Xuan
4 Star: Lynx + Hook + Pela

New Characters

Imbibitor Lunae

Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Destruction
Element: Imaginary

Skill: Dracore Libre
Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s specialty is consuming multiple Skill Points to trigger an array of powerful abilities. Tapping the Skill button enhances the effects of Imbibitor Lunae’s Basic ATK “Beneficent Lotus” up to three times in succession.

Basic Attack: Beneficent Lotus
Depending upon the number of enhancements, Beneficent Lotus becomes “Transcendence,” “Divine Spear,” and “Fulgurant Leap” respectively. Hits Per Action and DMG dealt increase with each enhancement. Additionally, single-target DMG is replaced with multiple-target DMG in both Divine Spear and Fulgurant Leap.

Talent: Righteous Heart
Amplifies the DMG he deals as the number of Hits Per Action in the current turn increases.

Technique: Heaven-Quelling Prismadrakon
Allows him to enter a “Leaping Dragon” state for a set time. In this state, using an attack causes Imbibitor Lunae to lunge forwards a set distance and strike all enemies he comes into contact with. Entering battle in this way allows Imbibitor Lunae to acquire a set amount of Squama Sacrosancta.

Ultimate: Azure’s Aqua Ablutes All
Imbibitor Lunae deals Imaginary DMG to a single target and adjacent enemies, while also receiving a set amount of Squama Sacrosancta. Squama Sacrosancta can be used to offset Imbibitor Lunae’s Skill Point consumption.

Fu Xuan

Rarity: 5-Star
Path: Preservation
Element: Quantum

Skill: Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts
After using her Skill, Fu Xuan activates the Matrix of Prescience, which lasts for a set number of turns. This allows Fu Xuan to absorb some of that DMG for her allies. When the Matrix of Prescience is active, it grants the Knowledge effect to the entire team — increasing characters’ Max HP and CRIT Rate.

Talent: Bleak Breeds Bliss
Firstly, Fu Xuan can provide a permanent Misfortune Avoidance state — reducing the DMG taken by the entire team. Secondly, when Fu Xuan’s HP drops below a set percentage, she recovers a set percentage of HP.

Technique: Of Fortune Comes Fate
Fu Xuan’s Technique can grant a Barrier for the whole team that lasts for a set duration. During exploration, the Barrier blocks all enemy attacks, thereby preventing battles that would otherwise have triggered in this way. Her Technique also activates the Matrix of Prescience automatically at the start of the next battle.

Ultimate: Woes of Many Morphed to One
Fu Xuan’s Ultimate deals Quantum DMG to all enemies, but it also increases the frequency of her Talent’s HP restoration effect.


Rarity: 4-Star
Path: Abundance
Element: Quantum

Skill: Salted Camping Cans
Her Skill can restore HP to a single ally and grant them Survival Response for a set number of turns — boosting their Max HP. If an ally with Survival Response follows the Paths of Destruction or Preservation, the likelihood of them being targeted by enemy attacks increases.

Talent: Outdoor Survival Experience
It can grant a continuous healing effect to targets of her Skill and Ultimate for a set number of turns. This effect will further restore a set amount of HP to characters with Survival Response.

Technique: Chocolate Energy Bar
Her Technique can also grant a continuous healing effect for a set number of turns, but to the entire team!

Ultimate: Snowfield First Aid
Lynx’s Ultimate restores health to and dispels one debuff from each ally.

New Light Cones

1) Brighter Than the Sun

2) She Already Shut Her Eyes

New Enemies

1) The Swarm

➥ In the final domain of the third plane of each exploration (in the Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster), Trailblazers will encounter a brand-new enem ‘The Swarm: True Sting.’

➥ True Stings Stings have the ability to divide and create more swarms. If not dealt with promptly, the entire battlefield will eventually be overrun by the swarm.

New Missions

1) Trailblaze Mission

➥ In Version 1.3, the Trailblaze Mission “Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead” will reveal a glimpse of the Xianzhou’s recovery efforts.

2) Companion Missions

➥ In The Dragon Returns Home, we find Dan Heng in the turbulent wake of the Ambrosial Arbor crisis. He must face up to his past life and meet with the current Vidyadhara high elder — Lady Bailu…

➥ Meanwhile, in Total Recall, March 7th makes a big decision. Having witnessed the wonders of the Matrix of Prescience Ultima, she decides to ask Fu Xuan for the Matrix’s help in re-discovering her past…

Farther Than The Snow Plains focuses on the youngest member of the Landau family. Lynx returns from an expedition with something troubling her, and her siblings, Serval and Gepard, are at a loss to help. They decide to seek the assistance of none other than the Trailblazer…

➥ Last but not least — Mo Cuishle. Wildfire member and Fight Club reigning champion Luka has returned to Boulder Town. He wastes no time in inviting the Trailblazer and Seele to help him in completing a special bout of training…

New Events

1) Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle – Free Sushang

➥ In the Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle event, Trailblazers are thrown right into the action, with an opportunity to influence the alley’s ultimate fate.

➥ By arranging cargo shipments and planning logistics routes, Trailblazers can accumulate funds. These funds can be used to progressively revamp the urban landscape of Aurum Alley — helping it return to its former glory.

➥ By achieving goals in this Limited-Time Event, players can earn Self-Modeling Resin, Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jade, and 4-star character Sushang.

2) Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster

➥ The update is the collaborative efforts of four genius minds. They completed a broad spectrum of structural renovations, purely to investigate the fall of an Aeon of Propagation: Tayzzyronth.
➥ From the story so far, we’ve heard that the Propagation once caused a major swarm which spread throughout the universe. This eventually caught the attention of multiple Aeons, who united to eradicate it.

➥ In “Simulated Universe: The Swarm Disaster”, the stage maps will appear in a format similar to a chessboard. Trailblazers will need to navigate through randomly generated domains and tackle a variety of challenges before making it to the deepest parts of the simulation.

➥ In order to simulate the experiences of different Pathstriders and resonate with the Aeons, a brilliant mind named Stephen developed the Audience Die and the Communing Device.
➥ It has to do with Aeons bestowing random gifts upon Pathstriders. Before progressing each turn, use the Communing Device to roll the Audience Die. This will generate special effects for the current turn. These special effects might provide our team with powerful buffs, or alter the chessboard in some way, or even create further variables for subsequent actions.

➥ Each exploration will encompass three planes, corresponding to Imperator Insectorum’s emergence, expansion, and demise. Trailblazers will encounter simulated historical events during these phases, and different responses will lead to different outcomes.

➥ Madam Herta has also developed a “Path Space” for the express purpose of enhancing the resonance between trailblazers and their Paths. As a Trailblazer, every action you take that aligns with your Path during exploration can help you to obtain Path Energy — leading you closer to the Aeons.

3) Space Station Task Force

➥ During the event, by assembling a team that meets the requirements of specific assignments, you’ll be able to earn rewards such as Stellar Jade and Character EXP Materials… And as the message makes clear, there will be requests and assignments every day, it’s almost impossible to finish them all.

4) Planar Fissure

➥ During the respective events, successfully challenging the Simulated Universe and Calyxes can earn you a set amount of double rewards.

5) Garden of Plenty

6) Gift of Odyssey

➥ Logging in for 7 days gets you 10 warps.

New Maps

1) Aurum Alley

➥ Exalting Sanctum’s Aurum Alley was once a hub of commerce and crowds, but has gradually fallen into obscurity over the last millennium — the blink of an eye for a long-life species…

New Additions

1) Guild Benefits in Aurum Alley

➥ Following the Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle Limited-Time Event, Aurum Alley will remain in the game as a permanent mode. This mode includes rewards such as the Aurum Alley-themed phone wallpaper “Ingenium Dreams.”

2) 2 New Stagnant Shadows

Ascension Material for Dan Heng IL
Ascension Material for Fu Xuan

➥ Two new Stagnant Shadow stages: “Shape of Puppetry” and “Shape of Abomination.” The former will drop “Suppressing Edict” — Ascension Material required for Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae. The latter will drop “Nail of the Ape” — Ascension Material required for Fu Xuan.

3) Trailblaze Power System Optimization

➥ The Trailblaze Power cap will be raised from 180 to 240. Once Trailblaze Power maxes out, a percentage of the surplus is converted into “Reserved Trailblaze Power.”

4) New Phone Wallpaper

➥ Trailblazers can browse and replace their wallpapers using the in-game mobile menu.

5) Friend System Optimization (Accept Friend Request or Not)

➥ Trailblazers not currently accepting new friend requests can choose to disable them in settings.

6) Chat System (Send Emoji)

➥ You can now send emojis in chats.


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