Version 1.1 Update and Maintenance Notice

Hello, Trailblazers!

The Crew is set to conduct version update and maintenance soon. The game will be updated to Version 1.1 “Galactic Roaming” upon maintenance completion.

During the maintenance, Trailblazers will not be able to log in to the game. Please note the maintenance time and plan accordingly. The client must be updated after the maintenance. Due to the large size of the updated game resources, we recommend Trailblazers to use a Wi-Fi connection to download the update.

▌Update Time

Begins at 2023/06/07 06:00:00 (UTC+8). The update will take approximately 5 hours.

▌How to Update

After maintenance for the version update begins, Trailblazers can follow the in-game instructions to update.

PC client: Close the game, restart the launcher, then click “Update”
Android: Enter the game and follow the instruction in the in-game pop-up windows to complete the update
iOS: Enter the App Store and tap “Update”

▌Compensation Details

Server Maintenance Compensation
● Compensation: Stellar Jade x300

Eligible Recipients: Trailblazers at or above Trailblaze Level 4 before 2023/06/07 06:00:00(UTC+8)
※ The Crew will issue the compensation via in-game mail to Trailblazers within 5 hours after the update is complete. The mail is valid for 30 days. Be sure to claim it before Version 1.1 ends.

▌Version Preview

Trailblazers can visit the Version 1.1 Galactic Roaming highlights page for details. Please refer to future version update announcements for update details, system optimization, bug fixes, and compensation details.

>>Go check it out<<

▌Device Specifications

Recommended configurations:

PC client:
Device specifications: i7/8G memory, discrete graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or higher)
System: Windows 10 64-bit or higher

Device specifications: Snapdragon 855, Dimensity 1000, Kirin 990, or better processors.
RAM: 6 GB or more
System: Android 9 or higher

Device specifications: iPhone X, iPhone XR, or later models. iPad with A12 processor or better
System: iOS 11.0 or higher

Supported configurations:

PC client:
Device specifications: i3/6G memory, discrete graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or higher)
System: Windows 7 64-bit or above

Device specifications: Snapdragon 835, Dimensity 720, Kirin 810, or better processors.
RAM: 4 GB or more
System: Android 8 or higher

Device specifications: iPhone 8 Plus or later models. iPad with A10 processor or higher
System: iOS 10.0 or higher


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