Underground Treasure Hunt Event: Participate to Obtain the Chat Box “Where’s the Rabbit?”

Participate to Obtain the Chat Box "Where's the Rabbit?"

Event Period

2023/08/09 12:00 (Server time) – 2023/08/28 03:59 (Server time)

Participation Requirements

Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI — Silent Galaxy”

Event Rewards

Event Details

In Belobog, ancient ruins from before the Eternal Freeze are once again seeing the light of day. Rare treasures and ancient relics are buried in the depths, waiting to be discovered by brave and adventurous treasure hunters…
● After the event starts, a new ruin will be unlocked every day, for a total of 5 ruins. Each ruin will have two exploration modes, “Surface Exploration” and “Deep Exploration.” Clearing Surface Exploration for one ruin will unlock Deep Exploration for the corresponding ruin.
● During the event, explore the ruins and claim Treasure Hunt Rewards after reaching specific levels of exploration progress.
● During the event, treasure hunters can explore various areas in the ruins by consuming stamina. There are items, supplies, and even dangerous enemies lurking in the ruins, waiting to be found by treasure hunters.

Things to Note

● Planning your route and stamina consumption carefully, using the items unearthed in the ruins, and being ready to deal with a variety of enemies will make for a smoother treasure hunting expedition.
● Trailblazers can use trial characters in this event.
● The HP and Energy of all characters will be recorded at the end of each battle.
● Increasing the Equilibrium Level will also increase enemy and trial character levels in the event.


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