Triple Authentication Room Guide

This is not a quest, but it’s a frequent question because the locked room has a Treasure in it, and you can only open it with three different keys:
1. Thousand Stars Access Authentication
2. |||||| Access Authentication
3. Corporate Access Authentication

Since there is no guide or navigation in the game, your only choice is to investigate the whole Herta Space Station for these keys. Or, you can keep reading the guide here!

Corporate Access Authentication

1. Talking 5x to Afro in the middle of the Master Control Zone
➥ Teleport to Central Passage space anchor in Master Control Zone and head north. You will see a person with an afro leaning against a wall. Talk to him 5 times to get the access key. Any options for the dialogue are fine as there is no specific or correct answer.

|||||| Access Authentication

2. Defeat a Formidable Foe in the Base Zone
➥ Teleport to Monitoring Room space anchor in Storage Zone. Once spawned, you will immediately face an enemy guarding a treasure chest. Defeat it to obtain the keycard and to unlock the chest.

Thousand Stars Access Authentication

3. West room in the Storage Zone
➥ Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone. Enter the room on the west and go to the topmost floor after solving some simple floor puzzles.

Triple Authentication Room

4. The room with treasure
➥ Now that you get all 3 keycards, teleport to Monitoring Room in Base Zone. Get out of the room and head to the first door on your left. Interact with the Controller to use all 3 keycards and complete a hidden quest ‘Emptiness of Locus Silentii.’

Seventeen’s Map Hidden Achievement

➥ Inside the room, there will be a note on top of the desk in the middle of the room. Collect and read the note to get an achievement called ‘Seventeen’s Map.’

Color code: 84D0F9


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