Trailblaze Activities


Calyx stages provide various materials to upgrade Characters and Light Cones.

It cost 10 Trailblaze Power to complete one wave. You can set a maximum of 6 waves per stage.

There are 2 types of Calyx stages

Calyx (Golden)

These are stages that provide general resources 

Currently as of CBT3 all Calyx (Golden) stages are open daily and do not rotate.

Bud of Memories: Character EXP Material

Bud of Aether: Light Cone EXP material

Bud of Treasures: Credits

Calyx (Crimson)

Calyx (Crimson) stages provide materials to upgrade a character’s Traces.

Currently as of CBT3 all Calyx (Crimson) stages are open daily and do not rotate.

There are 7 different stages (One for each path).

Stagnant Shadow 

These stages provide Character Ascension Materials and cost 30 Trailblaze Power for each clear

There are 7 different stages (One for each element)

Cavern of Corrosion

As of CBT3 there are currently 12 unique Relic sets and 6 stages. Each stage is able to drop 2 different Relic sets. 

These stages reward players with Relics and cost 40 Trailblaze power for each clear.

List of stages and Relic set drops:

  • Path of Gelid Wind: Hunter of Glacial Forest (Ice) and Eagle of Twilight Line (Wind)
  • Path of Holy Hymn: Knight of Purity Palace (DEF) and Band of Sizzling Thunder (Lightning
  • Path of Drifting: Passerby of Wandering Cloud (Heal) and Musketeer of Wild Wheat (ATK)
  • Path of Jabbing Punch: Champion of Streetwise Boxing (Physical) and Thief of Shooting Meteor (Break Effect)
  • Path of Providence: Guard of Wuthering Snow (DMG Reduction) and Genius of Brilliant Stars (Quantum)
  • Path of Conflagration: Firesmith of Lava-Forging (Fire) and Wastelander of Banditry Desert (Imaginary)

Echoes of War

These stages provide players with Advanced Trace Materials and a chance to get Light Cones.

Echoes of War can only be cleared 3 times a week and cost 30 Trailblaze Power for each clear.

Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe is a roguelike game mode that consists of 6 stages, allowing players to collect different buffs to aid them in combat. 

List of buffs:


  • Completing a run of Simulated Universe will reward players with points. These points are accumulated to earn rewards.
  • Simulated World resets every week, allowing the player to claim the rewards again.
  • When Completing World 2, 4, and 6 for the first time, players will be rewarded with a character Herta and 2 Herta Bonds.

Players can also obtain unique 2-piece Relic sets in World 3 to 6.

  • World 3: Space Sealing Station and Fleet of the Ageless
  • World 4: Taila: Kingdom of Banditry and Sprightly Vonwacq
  • World 5: Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise and Celestial Differentiator
  • World 6: Belobog of the Architects and Inert Salsotto

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