Todd Riordan’s Academic Research Day 1 Mission Guide

This is the 1st part of Todd Riordan's Academic Research: Glimpsing the Verdant Apothecary's Pouch. A second part will be available after a daily reset on the day you finish this mission.

This is the 1st part of Todd Riordan’s Academic Research: Glimpsing the Verdant Apothecary’s Pouch. A second part will be available after a daily reset on the day you finish this mission.

Start the Mission

➥ Teleport to Earthrise Agora space anchor in Central Starskiff Haven and head north towards the quest icon. The NPC for this mission is Todd, an elderly sitting on a bench. Talk to him to start the mission.

➥ For the first task, you need to ‘borrow’ a medical textbook called the Compendium of Remedies. Teleport to Medicine Bureau space anchor in Alchemy Commission and head north to the healers. Unfortunately, they don’t have it so you need to find the new chief alchemist, Lady Yuluo.

➥ She’s also in the Alchemy Commission near the Healer’s Market space anchor. Another unfortunate event is that she can’t lend the book, but also hinted out that some books can be seen hanging on the trees.

First Book

➥ There are 2 locations you need to search, and both of them will give out the book you’re searching for.

➥ For the first location (southwest of the Healer’s Market), you can see a healer there muttering about insurance. Talk to him and after that, the option to investigate the tree will appear.

➥ There are 3 options to reach for the book on top of the tree, and I choose the 2nd one ‘Jump up and reach for the branch,’ so I don’t know what will happen if you choose the other two. By choosing this option, the book will fall from the tree.

Second Book

➥ For the second location on top of the stairs, you can see a breakable vase in the small right corner on top of the staircase. Break it to get the 2nd book.

Get the Ingredient

➥ Return those 2 books to Todd. But the mission is not over yet, as there will be another task you need to do. This time, you need to find a sample of an ingredient (herb) by asking around.

➥ Teleport to Healer’s Market space anchor in Alchemy Commission once again and walk forward towards the Excited Healer. This person is not the correct one, so on the next healer.

➥ The second one is a Confused Healer and she also doesn’t have the ingredient. (Do tell me in the comment if you can skip the first two person and directly talk to the 3rd one)

➥ The last person is Learned Alchemist and he’s the one who has the herb. Based on your chosen dialogue, you may or may not face a battle (but still get the herb in the end). I choose ‘(Tell the truth) Dan Shu’s prescription…’ and ‘You sure know a lot about this…’ These options will lead to a battle.

➥ Go back to Central Starskiff Haven and give the ingredient to Todd. The mission will end here and you need to wait for a daily reset to get the 2nd part of the mission.


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