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A young researcher named Rocky from the Department of Galactic Geography seems to have a lot on his mind lately. As it turns out, he’s been keeping in contact with his crush. However, this time, the expected letter of reply from his crush never came.
The two never run out of things to talk about, and seeing that he had just confessed his love, he is urgently asking you to investigate why their communications have abruptly ended.

How to Get: Read the message from ‘Rocky‘ from the Incoming Message Notification. Can only be triggered once you complete the Road to Revival Adventure Mission.

1. Listen to what the young man from the Department of Galactic Geography has on his mind
➥ Teleport to Herta’s Office in Master Control Zone and head out from the room to meet up with Rocky.

2. Find the repeater in the storage zone
➥ Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and enter the room on the east. Investigate the monitor to see what’s wrong.

3. Collect the old parts in the crevices of the repulsion bridge
➥ Teleport to the same space anchor as before but this time, enter the room on the west. There are 2 old parts you need to search.
1. On top of a box near the controller
2. On top of a case beside stacks of them

4. Investigate the communication history of the repeater
➥ Return to the monitor from before and repair it with the old parts. Check all the history in the repeater to find out the truth- is what should happen but the key record is damaged by someone.

5. Identify the mastermind according to the surveillance footage
➥ Teleport to Monitoring Room space anchor in Base Zone and investigate the Disposal Site to find the real truth.

6. Confront Bernard
➥ Teleport to Watcher Zone space anchor in Master Control Zone and talk to Bernard. He is just beside the space anchor.

7. Tell the young man the truth or a lie
➥ Meet Rocky at the same spot when we first meet him, and you can choose to tell the truth or lie, it won’t affect anything (as far as I know) and you will complete the quest.

8. Talk to Bernand again
➥ While the quest is over, you can talk to Bernand again to return the blue/red chip that you didn’t give to Rocky. After that, you will get the achievement ‘Diamond and Rust.

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