Tingyun Build Guide

  • Element: Lightning
  • Path: Harmony
  • Role: Buffer
  • Recommended Skill Level Priority: Ultimate > Skill > Talent > Basic


Tingyun is a 4* Lightning Harmony character. That is only available via Gacha/Warp. She specializes in applying damage buffs to allies while providing additional utility, such as generating energy. 


Basic: Tingyun’s Basic Attack is similar to most other characters in the game. It can be worth investing some materials into raising her Basic as you will most likely be building a lot of ATK% stats on her to increase the ATK buff provided by her Skill. Additionally, when unlocking her Trace “Knell Subdual” it increases the damage of her Basic Attack DMG by 40%. 

Skill: Grants a single ally with Benediction to increase their ATK by x%, up to x% of Tingyun’s current ATK. When the ally with Benediction attacks, they will deal Lightning DMG equal to x% of that ally’s ATK for 1 time. The Benediction cap uses Tingyun’s total ATK instead of base ATK. Because of this, we highly recommend going for ATK% main stat. 

Ultimate: A strong and straightforward Ultimate that increases the target’s DMG for 2 turns while generating 50 energy for the target. While this Ultimate has a hefty energy cost of 130, this is solved by equipping an Energy Regen link rope and unlocking her A6 trace “Jubilant Passage” which immediately regenerates 5 energy for Tingyun at the start of her turn. However, during the early-mid game, when you will not have this Trace unlocked. During the early-mid game, you can consider using Meshing Cogs/Memories of the Past light cones to help with energy generation.

Talent: When an enemy is attacked by Tingyun, the ally with Benediction immediately deals an additional instance of Lightning damage equal to a % of that ally’s ATK to the same enemy. An important thing to note about this talent is that the Additional instance of damage scales with the target’s stats. This means that Tingyun’s own stats, such as Lightning DMG%, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG% do not affect this additional instance of damage. 

Team Comps

Tingyun is mainly picked as a Damage Buffer in hyper-carry teams.

  • DPS 
  • Damage Buffer/Debuffer
  • Tingyun = Damage Buffer
  • Healer/Shielder

Most hyper-carry teams will be running characters to fill in those roles above, for the DPS role characters such as Seele, Dan Heng, and Clara as they are all able to take advantage of Tingyun’s buffs. Next, we want to bring either an additional Damage Buffer or Debuffer to help the DPS deal more damage, a few characters that can fit this role are Bronya, Pela, or Asta. Finally, we want to either have a shielder or healer to keep the team healthy, here are a few characters that can fit this role: Natasha, Bailu, Gepard, and Trailblazer Fire. 

Relics and Stats

Relic Sets
1. Musketeer of Wild Wheat

Planetary Sets
1. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat:
Body: ATK%/HP%
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: ATK%/HP%
Link Rope: ATK%/HP%

Sub Stat Priority
SPD > ATK% > HP% = DEF%

Musketeer of Wild Wheat 4pc: Currently Tingyun’s preferred relic set as it increases both her SPD and ATK stat. 


E1: After using their Ultimate, the ally with Benediction gains a 20% increase in SPD for 1 turn. A relatively straightforward effect that most characters can take advantage of.

E2: The ally with Benediction restores 5 energy after defeating an enemy. This effect can only be triggered once per turn. A great Eidolon when facing multiple enemies or enemies that summon minions. 

E4: Yet another straightforward Eidolon that increases the DMG multiplier provided by Benediction by 20%. 

E6: Tingyun regenerates an additional 10 energy for the targeted ally. This can come into play with certain characters that have a 90 or 120 energy cost to help shorten their rotations.

Energy Breakdown 

The chart shows the amount of energy regenerated per action.

To understand this chart, you will need to know the basics of energy generation, so I have listed a TLDR below showing how much energy each action generates.

  • Basic ATK: 20 energy generated
  • Skill: 30 energy generated
  • Ultimate: 5 energy generated
  • This chart is to explain the difference in energy generation of Non-E6 Tingyun.

Note: This assumes that Tingyun is not able to generate her ult within two turns. This assumes that the DPS has done their normal DPS rotation (Right after an ultimate), and Tingyuns Ultimate is/will be ready to use.

If the DPS has an energy cost of 120, then they will have to use their skill an additional time to get enough energy to use their ultimate if Tingyun is not E6 (this assumes you do not defeat an enemy or take damage).

Skill used twice: 60 energy
Tingyun Ultimate (No E6): 50 energy
Base energy after Ultimate: 5
Total energy: 115
Skill used twice: 60 energy
Tingyun Ultimate (E6): 60 energy
Base energy after Ultimate: 5
Total energy: 125

Recommended Light Cones


But the Battle Isn’t Over Memories of the Past Dance! Dance! Dance!


Meshing Cogs Chorus

But the Battle Isn’t Over: A premium 5* light cone that is available via gacha and a light cone tailor-made for Bronya. Unfortunately, Tingyun has no direct way to trigger its secondary effect: When the wearer uses their skill, the next ally taking action (except the wearer) deals 30% more DMG. This can technically be worked around by adjusting the SPD of your entire team to ensure your DPS moves right after Tingyun.

Memories of the Past: A 4* light cone that is available from the gacha, performs a similar role to Meshing Cogs which is to help with energy generation. Note that Tingyun during the late game does not have energy issues. The main reason to pick this light cone over Meshing Cogs is its higher base stats and Break Effect.

Dance! Dance! Dance!: A 4* light cone that is available from the gacha and is currently one of Tingyun’s preferred light cones. When the wearer uses their Ultimate, all allies’ actions are Advanced Forward. As Tingyun already has an energy generation Trace built into her kit, she can afford to go for a light cone that provides team utility.

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds: A 4* light cone that is available from the Battle Pass, At the start of the battle and whenever the wearer takes a turn, one of the following effects is applied.

  • All allies’ attack increases by x% 
  • All allies’ Crit DMG increases by x%
  • All allies’ energy regeneration increases by x%

The applied effect cannot be the same as the last effect applied and will replace the previous effect. An overall great light cone even if the effect applied is randomized all 3 effects are still great buff for the entire team.

Meshing Cogs: A 3* F2P/Budget light cone that regenerates 8 (Superimpose 5) energy when the wearer uses attacks or gets hit, this effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn. A 3* counterpart to Memories of the Past, while its base stats are lower than Memories of the Past it can easily be upgraded to Superimpose 5 due to its rarity. Note that during the late game when Tingyun has her Trace “Jubilant Passage” + energy regen link rope unlocked she will no longer have energy problems. 

Chorus: A 3* F2P/Budget light cone that increases the ATK of all allies, note that the effects of this light cone do not stack. Keep in mind that since this is a 3* light cone, its base stats are lower than higher rarity light cones.

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