The Kelly Gang is quite a basic achievement to get in Jarilo-VI. In addition to this, you can also get Karmic Wheel achievement if you didn’t get it before.

➥ First of all, teleport to Central Plaza space anchor in Administrative District (Jarilo-VI). Then, turn around 180 degrees to see a fountain. Head to the fountain and investigate it.

➥ There will be 3 options there, and you must choose ‘Fish the treasure out of the fountain.’ You need to use 1 Praise of High Morals every time you choose this option.

➥ After choosing to fish out treasure one time, you will get ‘The Kelly Gang‘ achievement.

➥ However, if you choose to fish out the treasure maximum of 5 times, and if you never used the Praise of High Morals before, you will get the ‘Karmic Wheel‘ achievement.
(Karmic Wheel wants you to use up your Praise of High Morals. If you already got this achievement before, you won’t get it again)

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