Tales of the Fantastic Event Detail

A new combat event is coming soon in Honkai Star Rail! By using Plot Armors, gain buff in the combat challenge to defeat as many enemies as possible to gather points.

Event Period

2023/07/21 12:00:00 (Server time) – 2023/08/07 03:59:00 (Server time)

Participation Requirement

Complete the Trailblaze Mission “Xianzhou Luofu — A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant”

Event Rewards

Event Details

Many on the Xianzhou are already speaking of the feats of the Nameless. Mr. Xiyan also hopes the Trailblazer can help him to retell the stories of their trailblazing adventure.
● After the event starts, a new Hero’s Journey will be unlocked every day, for a total of 3 Hero’s Journeys. Upon completion of each Journey, some “Legends Past and Present” combat challenge will be unlocked.
● During the event, once Trailblazers complete a Hero’s Journey, they will receive a Protagonist Model and gradually improve the abilities within it. These abilities can help to form a more riveting experience in Legends Past and Present.
● The Protagonist Model can provide various Plot Armor combinations that can be freely adjusted, and their effects will be active in Legends Past and Present.
● During the combat of Legends Past and Present, enemies will continuously appear for a limited number of rounds. Points will be awarded for dealing damage to and defeating enemies. At the end of each battle, the highest score will be updated based on the results of the current challenge.
● During the event, Trailblazers can claim challenge rewards from the Rewards List after reaching certain scores in Legends Past and Present.
● When at least 10,000 points have been scored for each Legend Past and Present, a new section of the Readable Legend of the Trailblazer will be unlocked that corresponds to this particular Legend Past and Present.
● After unlocking all sections of the Readable, Trailblazers can obtain the limited item “Legend of the Trailblazer”.

Things to Note

● Good combinations of Plot Armor in the Protagonist Model will result in higher combat scores.
● Trailblazers can use trial characters in Legends Past and Present.
● Increasing the Equilibrium Level will also increase enemy and trial character levels in the event.


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