Survival Wisdom Mission Guide

You received Sampo’s message for help. It looks like he’s in some big trouble. Usually, you would ignore him. But he mentions that his life is at stake. Due to your strong sense of moral duty, you decide to investigate…

This is an easy quest where you will help Sampo search for 3 items in return for a treasure map. But it’s Sampo we’re talking about, so is it a legit map? One way to find out!

How to get: Read a message from ‘Sampo‘ from the Incoming Message Notification. Can only be triggered after you completed the Trailblaze Mission – Lying In Rust.

1. Go to the Great Mine and ask Sampo what he wants
➥ Teleport to Main Mine Shaft space anchor in Great Mine and talk to Sampo. He will ask you to search for 3 pieces of equipment.

2. Find the first mining tool
➥ The first one can be seen just right beside Sampo. Go to the variety of mining tools and interact with the sparkles near the shovel. You will get Thermal-Powered Mechanical Mining Pick.

3. Find the second mining tool
➥ Follow the quest navigation and head northeast to a certain vagrant. Defeat him to get the Customized Pink Safety Helmet.

4. Obtain the ‘treasure map’
➥ Teleport to Main Mine Shaft space anchor and talk to Sampo to get a fake treasure map. Yes, it’s a fake (for now) and you will get the third piece of equipment.

5. Find the third mining tool
➥ Teleport to Overlook space anchor and head northwest to vagrant’s camps. You don’t have to fight the enemies there if they didn’t notice you. The equipment is beside a tent, near fences and barrels. Return all the items to Sampo to get the real treasure map.

6. Get the real treasure chest
➥ Teleport to Overlook space anchor and head northwest to the same vagrant’s camp as before but walk further until you reach the end of the road under the bridge to find a shiny item on the ground. Investigate the sparkle to spawn a Precious Treasure.

Color Code: 7799FF


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