Store: Overview and What to Buy

There are a lot of items that can be bought in the Store, and you might have no idea which one to buy. Here are the overview and what to buy/what not to buy.


➥ Before that, get to know all the currency types in Honkai: Star Rail first that can be used in the Store:

Oneiric Shard – Can only be obtained by purchasing with real money in Oneiric Pouch or purchasing Express Supply Pass.
Oneiric Shards can be converted to Stellar Jade on a one-to-one ratio.
1 Oneiric Shard = 1 Stellar Jade

Stellar Jade – There are a lot of methods to obtain this currency:
1. Exchanged with Oneiric Shard
2. Mission Rewards
3. Level Rewards
4. Forgotten Hall
5. Opening Chests
6. Events
7. HoYoLAB Daily Check-In
8. Daily Training Activity

Undying Starlight – Can be obtained by pulling in any of the available banners.
For each 4-Star Character = 8 Undying Starlight
When said 4-Star Character has maxed out Eidolon = 20 Undying Starlight
For each 5-Star Character = 40 Undying Starlight
When said 5-Star Character has maxed out Eidolon = 100 Undying Starlight
For each 4-Star Light Cone = 8 Undying Starlight
For each 5-Star Light Cone = 40 Undying Starlight

Undying Embers – Can be obtained by pulling in any of the available banners. You’ll generally get 20 Undying Embers for each 3-Star Light Cone you obtain.


➥ The section is literally called ‘Recommended’ in the Store, and true to the name, this Express Supply Pass is really recommended for light spenders. After purchasing this item and logging in for 30 days, you can get up to 300 Oneiric Shard and 2700 Stellar Jades.

Starlight Exchange

➥ In Starlight Exchange, you can only use the premium currency Undying Starlight to buy any of the listed items. This currency is precious and hard to come by so you need to choose carefully. All these items will be refreshed monthly.

➥ The one that you should not buy is the Star Rail Special Pass and Star Rail Pass. 20 Undying Starlight for 1 Pass is not worth the premium currency.

➥ For the other items here, it’s really dependent on your account. Getting Eidolons for Dan Heng and Serval are both great options. But if this game is anything like its sibling Genshin Impact, then the characters in this Starlight Exchange may be changed monthly (Need to wait for more months for confirmation) so you might want to save your Undying Starlight for now for a 4-Star Character that you want to increase their Eidolons.
January: March & Tingyun
February: Pela & Hook
March: Qingque & Sushang
April: Asta & Arlan
May: Dan Heng & Serval
June: Natasha & Sampo
July: March & Tingyun
August: Pela & Hook
September: Qingque & Sushang
October: Asta & Arlan
November: Dan Heng & Serval
December: Natasha & Sampo

➥ For the 7 Light Cones on display, this is another extremely dependent on your account. Since all the LC are 5-Stars, you can expect they have worthy and useful skills. But don’t forget that you can get a few 5-Star LC from Herta’s Store.

Embers Exchange

➥ Embers Exchange has far more items as the currency is much easier to obtain. But the ones that are really worth your Undying Embers currency are the 5 Star Rail Special Pass, 5 Star Rail Pass, and 1 Tracks of Destiny. The Tracks of Destiny can only be purchased after you reach Trailblaze Level 40. All these items will be refreshed monthly.

➥ If you have too many spare Undying Embers currency and want to level up your remaining characters or Light Cones, then you can buy the Adventure Log and Condensed Aether one. But not the Credit because in early games, you should have lots of Credits left just by completing all the missions.

➥ For the Traces material that can only be obtained through Calyx (Crimson) using Trailblaze Power, it is worth your Undying Embers if you have many characters to upgrade (If not, just use your Trailblaze Power to enter Calyx Crimson and farm there).

➥ Definitely not these items though. All these 6 Character Ascension materials can be farmed by defeating respective enemies and by completing assignments so you should save your remaining Undying Embers for monthly refresh and get the new Special Pass and Pass.

Contract Shop

➥ This section is only for light spender or whale. Although I believe the items here are not that beneficial, especially since you’re using the premium currency Oneiric Shard. If you’re wondering about what is in each pack:

Oneiric Pouch

➥ Another section for light spender or whale. All these items can only be purchased using real money.
➥ Remember that the initial Top-Up Bonus is when the first purchase of Oneiric Shards is double of the base amount. For example, if you buy the highest pack for the first time, you will get 6480 + 6480 Oneiric Shards.

ShardsExtra ShardsTotal

➥ But for the next purchases, you will get the base amount + different % of the base amount. Here’s a table for you to understand easier:

ShardsExtra ShardsTotal

Stellar Trade

➥ Stellar Trade can be used to exchange 160 Stellar Jades to 1 Star Rail Special Pass or 1 Star Rail Pass. If you ever want to buy the Passes using your Jades, make sure to choose the right Pass. There have been too many cases where Trailblazers fat-finger error and choose the wrong option.

➥ Remember that Star Rail Special Pass is for Limited Character banners like Seele and Jing Yuan (and their respective Light Cone banner) only!

➥ Meanwhile, the Star Rail Pass is for the Standard Banner and Starter Banner.

Color Code: FFBEFA, 9FDBFA, 78B8FA, FFD09F


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