Stellar Jades Calculation in V1.0

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0 have a duration of 42 days, starting from April 26 to June 7. This will be the estimation of how many Stellar Jades and Passes were added in this version. But remember that you may not get all of them in one version as there are methods where you need to have an extremely strong team to complete the challenge and get the Stellar Jades (like Memory of Chaos and Simulated Universe).

Detailed Method to Obtain

Pre-Registration Rewards

1. Pre-Registration Rewards – 20 Star Rail Pass
➥ Whether you pre-register or not, you will still get the following rewards because the whole community managed to reach the social media follower milestone so every new player will get it through their in-game mail.

— — —

Trailblazing Will

2. Trailblazing Will – 40 Star Rail Pass + 1600 Stellar Jades
➥ This is a permanent event that will stay in your account until you reach a specific Trailblaze Level to unlock the rewards. A huge amount of Star Rail Passes can be obtained from this event that will guarantee you multiple 4-star characters.

— — —

Daily Training

3. Daily Training – 2520 Stellar Jades
➥ You will get 60 Stellar Jades by completing Daily Training in the Interastral Guide. Multiply those 60 for 42 days, and you will get a total of 2520 Stellar Jades and other rewards.

— — —

Simulated Universe

4. Simulated Universe – 6 Star Rail Pass + 1860 Stellar Jades
➥ The first thing you need to know is the rewards for Simulated Universe differ based on your Equilibrium Level. The higher your Equilibrium, the better the rewards. These rewards will refresh weekly.

EquilibriumTotal Rewards
0Credits x100000, Stellar Jade x75, Lost Gold Fragment x30, Star Rail Pass x1, Herta Bond x1, Tracks of Destiny x1
1Credits x110000, Stellar Jade x75, Lost Gold Fragment x36, Star Rail Pass x1, Herta Bond x1, Tracks of Destiny x1
2Immersifier x4, Stellar Jade x105, Star Rail Pass x1, Credits x150000, Lost Crystal x7, Herta Bond x1, Tracks of Destiny x1
3Immersifier x4, Stellar Jade x135, Star Rail Pass x1, Credits x170000, Lost Crystal x9, Herta Bond x1, Tracks of Destiny x1
4Immersifier x4, Stellar Jade x165, Star Rail Pass x1, Credits x210000, Lost Crystal x11, Herta Bond x1, Tracks of Destiny x1

➥ This one is a bit tricky to count but I tried to be as fair as possible. Since we have 6 weeks in version 1.0, and the rewards will be refreshed weekly, I sum the rewards following the possible levels for new F2P can reach within the week:
Week 1 (Equilibrium 0) – Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x75
Week 2 (Equilibrium 2) – Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x105
Week 3-4 (Equilibrium 3) – Star Rail Pass x2 & Stellar Jade x270
Week 5-6 (Equilibrium 4) – Star Rail Pass x2 & Stellar Jade x330

➥ That’s not all for Simulated Universe! There are also one-time clearance rewards for each World. And each World has various difficulties. I will only include the First-Time Clearance for stages that requires Equilibrium Level 4 only (since above Level 4 is hardly possible for F2P players to complete in this version). In other words:
World 1: 120 Stellar Jades
World 2: 120 Stellar Jades
World 3: 240 Stellar Jades
World 4: 240 Stellar Jades
World 5: 180 Stellar Jades
World 6: 180 Stellar Jades

— — —

Nameless Honor

5. Nameless Gift – 5 Star Rail Pass
➥ This is the free version that everyone will get every version.
6. Nameless Glory – 4 Special Pass + 680 Stellar Jades
➥ This is the paid version of Nameless Honor where you need to use real money to buy, then you will get more rewards.

— — —

Express Supply Pass

7. Express Supply Pass (Monthly Card) – 3780 Stellar Jades
➥ Another paid option for P2P players where you will get 90 Stellar Jades daily for 30 days. If you continuously have the Supply Pass for the entire version 1.0, you will get a total of 3780 Stellar Jades (Not including the Oneiric Shard).

— — —

Operation Briefing

8. Operation Briefing – 4 Star Rail Pass + 700 Stellar Jades
➥ There are a total of 9 parts of Operation Briefing in version 1.0, and you will get various rewards by completing the requirements they listed. Will they update this in the future? We don’t know yet. Fair warning that Genshin Impact does not update theirs (equivalent to Operation Briefing in HSR) for years already.

— — —


9. Exploration (Treasure Chests + Missions) – 3000 Stellar Jades
➥ There are tons and tons of Adventure Missions you can get on each world in version 1.0 and obviously, those missions will give you Stellar Jades. Most, if not all, also have lots of treasure chests for you to uncover. Roughly (emphasis on roughly because I did not count each and every Stellar Jades here), you may get more or less around 3000 Stellar Jades. If you have any precise numbers, please do tell me in the comment.

— — —


10. Exploration (Achievements) – 2305 Stellar Jades
➥ Based on all the achievements on our page, you will get 2305 Stellar Jades, combining both the obvious one and the hidden one. Please remember that you may not get all the achievements in one version because there is a lot and you might not meet the requirements to complete some challenges (There is a challenge that requires March, Dan Heng, Welt, and Himeko in a team. A tough feat for F2P players).

— — —

Forgotten Hall

11. Forgotten Hall – 4800 Stellar Jades
➥ There are 2 types of Memories in the Forgotten Hall: (Memory) and (Memory of Chaos).
(Memory): Another one-time reward where you complete the challenge with full stars to unlock the rewards. This challenge will gives you a total of 3000 Stellar Jades.

(Memory of Chaos): This is the harder Forgotten Hall that will be unlocked once you complete all challenges in the Memory part. The Memory of Chaos will be refreshed every 2 weeks (like Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact) along with their rewards. In other words, there will be 3 cycles of Memory of Chaos in every version, and a total of 1800 Stellar Jades can be obtained assuming you can get full 30 Stars (which is hard for new players).

— — —

Embers Exchange

12. Embers Exchange – 15 Star Rail Pass + 15 Special Pass
➥ A special shop in Store, where you used Undying Embers (obtained from Warps) to buy Star Rail Pass and Special Pass. Each month, you can buy up to 5 Star Rail Pass and Special Pass. While in this calculation, I combine April, May, and June.

— — —

Trailblaze Level

13. Trailblaze Level Up Rewards – 27 Star Rail Pass + 1000 Stellar Jades
➥ Whenever you increase your Trailblaze Level, talk to Pom-Pom in the Parlor Car to claim your rewards. Keep in mind you probably won’t get all these rewards in one version because it’s gonna take a while for you to reach the higher levels, that’s why I only sum the rewards until Level 60 (Max at Level 70- which I may add in future calculations).

— — —

Shop Cumulative

14. Shop Cumulative Spending Reward – 13 Star Rail Pass + 1100 Stellar Jades
➥ In each world, there will be a World Shop where you can buy various items using unique currency. In addition, if you spend a number of those currencies in their shop, you will get another set of rewards (very generous, I know). Combining all 3 worlds in version 1.0, you will get the following rewards:
Herta Space Station – 3 Star Rail Pass & 200 Stellar Jades
Jarilo VI5 Star Rail Pass & 300 Stellar Jades

The Xianzhou Luofu5 Star Rail Pass & 600 Stellar Jades

A World Beyond

15. A World Beyond – 10 Star Rail Special Pass
➥ A World Beyond is a time-limited event that will only be available in version 1.0. So future new players won’t be able to get these rewards past the event duration. This event is available from April 26, 2023, to June 6, 2023.

— — —

Character Trials

16. Character Trials – 40 Stellar Jades
➥ When the limited banners featured new characters, all of them will have a Character Trial. For the 5-Star characters, their trial will reward 20 Stellar Jade. In version 1.0, if you completed both Seele and Jing Yuan’s trials, you will get a total of 40 Stellar Jades.

— — —

Boulder Town Super League Event

17. Boulder Town Super League – 600 Stellar Jades
➥ This is one of the few time-limited events in Honkai: Star Rail. Precisely, the time-limited event provides 500 Stellar Jades while there is a standard reward (which may be permanently added to the game) that gives out 100 Stellar Jades. But dividing them may be more confusing so I combine them both here. You can check out the event guide here: Boulder Town Super League Event Guide

— — —

HoYoLAB Daily Check-In

18. HoYoLAB Daily Check In – 80 Stellar Jades
➥ If you didn’t know, HoYoverse has its own official forum called HoYoLAB and there’s also a Daily Check-In for Honkai: Star Rail there. Among the rewards, there are some Stellar Jades you can scrap here. By checking-in everyday, you will get Stellar Jades on the following day: May 5, May 13, May 20, and June 5.

— — —

Departure Party: Stellaris Symphony

19. Departure Party – 10 Star Rail Special Pass
On the day of the Departure Party (March 30, 2023), Honkai: Star Rail issued Star Rail Special Pass x10 on Trailblazer’s in-game mail.

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