Stellar Jades Calculation in Version 1.2

This guide will be the estimation of how many Stellar Jades and Passes were added in version 1.2.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 have a duration of 42 days, starting from July 19 to August 30. This will be the estimation of how many Stellar Jades and Passes were added in the said version. But remember that you may not get all of them as there are methods where you need to have an extremely strong team to complete the challenge and get the Stellar Jades (like Memory of Chaos and Simulated Universe).

Detailed Method to Obtain Stellar Jades in Version 1.2

Maintenance Compensation

1. Maintenance Compensation – 720 Stellar Jades
➥ We will get the update maintenance on July 19, resulting in all servers being down for a few hours. As compensation, the developer will provide 600 Stellar Jades via in-game mailbox and it will stay for a month before expiring.
➥ The addition of 120 Stellar Jades is from the Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities compensation that will be given out also after the maintenance is completed. Remember that this one is a one-time thing.

Daily Training

2. Daily Training – 2520 Stellar Jades
➥ You will get 60 Stellar Jades by completing Daily Training in the Interastral Guide. Multiply those 60 for 42 days, and you will get a total of 2520 Stellar Jades and other rewards.

Simulated Universe (Weekly)

3. Simulated Universe (Weekly) – 6 Star Rail Pass + 1170 Stellar Jades
➥ The first thing you need to know is the rewards for Simulated Universe differ based on your Equilibrium Level. The higher your Equilibrium, the better the rewards. These rewards will refresh weekly.
➥ If you’re a Honkai: Star Rail player right from the start, you should have reached Equilibrium level 5 by now (F2P or not), so you should be able to get 195 Stellar Jades weekly.
➥ If you’re a new player or didn’t reach Equilibrium 5 yet, please re-calculate using the following list:

Equilibrium 0 / 1Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x75
Equilibrium 2Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x105
Equilibrium 3Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x135
Equilibrium 4Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x165
Equilibrium 5Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x195
Equilibrium 6Star Rail Pass x1 & Stellar Jade x225

Simulated Universe (World 7)

4. Simulated Universe (World 7) – 300 Stellar Jades
➥ In version 1.2, a new World will also be added to the Simulated Universe permanently. In this calculation, we’re gonna assume that World 7 has 4 difficulties (based on Worlds 5 and 6). By completing all the difficulties in it, you can get a one-time 300 Stellar Jades.
Difficulty 1 – 120 Stellar Jades
Difficulty 2 – 60 Stellar Jades
Difficulty 3 – 60 Stellar Jades
Difficulty 4 – 60 Stellar Jades

Forgotten Hall

5. Forgotten Hall – 1200 Stellar Jades
➥ A brand new Forgotten Hall will appear, and this means the rewards will also finally be refreshed back. In the new Forgotten Hall, there will be 6 Floors (based on the trailer image above), with each floor giving out 200 Stellar Jades. By completing all of them, you will get a juicy 1200 Stellar Jades. A reminder that the first Forgotten Hall was from version 1.0 and stay the same until version 1.1. This new Forgotten Hall (version 1.2) may also stay until version 1.3 before being refreshed again.

Forgotten Hall Memory of Chaos

6. Forgotten Hall (Memory of Chaos) – 1800 Stellar Jades
➥ This is the harder Forgotten Hall that will be unlocked once you complete all challenges in the Memory part. The Memory of Chaos will be refreshed every 14 days along with their rewards.
➥ In other words, there will be 3 cycles of Memory of Chaos in every version, and a total of 1800 Stellar Jades can be obtained assuming you can get full 30 Stars (which is hard for F2P players but not impossible- as can be seen by many F2P showcase on YouTube).

Nameless Honor (Battle Pass)

7. Nameless Gift – 5 Star Rail Pass
➥ This is the free version that everyone will get every version.
8. Nameless Glory – 4 Special Pass + 680 Stellar Jades
➥ This is the paid version of Nameless Honor where you need to use real money to buy, then you will get more rewards.

Express Supply Pass

9. Express Supply Pass (Monthly Card) – 3780 Stellar Jades
➥ Another paid option for P2P players where you will get 90 Stellar Jades daily for 30 days. If you continuously have the Supply Pass for the entire version 1.0, you will get a total of 3780 Stellar Jades (Not including the Oneiric Shard).

Embers Exchange

10. Embers Exchange – 5 Star Rail Pass + 5 Special Pass
➥ A special shop in Store, where you used Undying Embers (obtained from Warps) to buy Star Rail Pass and Special Pass. Each month, you can buy up to 5 Star Rail Pass and 5 Special Pass. In this calculation, I only mention the August one since I’m pretty sure everyone already buys the July ones.

Companion Missions

11. Companion Missions – 200 Stellar Jades
➥ There will be 2 new Companion Missions in version 1.2, featuring Kafka and Yukong. Each mission will give out 100 Stellar Jades (based on previous Companion Missions released in version 1.1).

New Area

12. Exploration New Areas – 500 Stellar Jades
➥ There will be 2 new areas in version 1.2, Alchemy Commission and Scalegorge Waterscape. However, we don’t know how big the area is and how many puzzles/treasure chests are there, so we can’t confirm the exact number. It can be small like Exalting Sanctum, or big like the stargazer Navalia with abundance of chests. For that, I will safely assume the lowest possible number which is 500 Stellar Jades for exploring the new areas and completing all the new puzzles.

Gift of Odyssey

13. Gift of Odyssey – 10 Star Rail Special Pass
➥ This is an exclusive Daily-Log In event in version 1.2. By entering the game for 7 days in Honkai: Star Rail, you will get a total of 10 Star Rail Special Passes.

Character Trials

14. Character Trials – 40 Stellar Jades
➥ When the limited banners featured new characters, all of them will have a Character Trial. For the 5-Star characters, their trial will reward 20 Stellar Jade. In version 1.2, if you completed both Blade and Kafka’s trials, you will get a total of 40 Stellar Jades.

New Events

15. 3 New Events – 2000 Stellar Jades
➥ There are 3 new events that will provide Stellar Jades in version 1.2. The main (or flagship event) is the Underground Treasure Hunt with a larger pool of Stellar Jades rewards. Please keep in mind that each past event of Honkai: Star Rail gives out different numbers of Stellar Jades, so it’s hard to pinpoint the exact number of Jades given for future events.
● Underground Treasure Hunt: ~1000 Stellar Jades
● Tales of the Fantastic: ~500 Stellar Jades
● Where Are You, Mystery Trotter: ~500 Stellar Jades

HoYoLAB Daily Check-In

16. HoYoLAB Daily Check In – 80 Stellar Jades
➥ If you didn’t know, HoYoverse has its own official forum called HoYoLAB and there’s also a Daily Check-In for Honkai: Star Rail there. Among the rewards, there are some Stellar Jades you can scrap here. By checking-in everyday, you will get Stellar Jades on the following day: July 20, August 5, August 13, and August 20.

V1.3 Livestream Redeem Codes

17. Livestream Redeem Codes – 300 Stellar Jades
➥ There will be a Special Program 2 weeks before the next update maintenance. In the live stream, you will get 300 Stellar Jades after claiming three new time-limited redemption codes.


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