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How to Start

As you reach a certain point of the story you will receive a message from Asta asking about an encrypted letter, this prompts the start of the questline.

How to Clear

1. After reading the message from Asta teleport to the Herta Space Station (Master Control Zone) to ask Asta about the encrypted letter.

2. Teleport to Storage Zone 2nd floor and use the Special Purpose Lab teleporter to watch a cutscene. After the cutscene talk to Lamina to continue the quest.

3. Use the teleporter Outside the Control Center then follow the quest tracker to reach the Xenohydro’s hiding place. Talk to Lamina to progress the quest, you will then be tasked to collect 2 traces of Xenohydro’s past activities.

4. The first clue can be found on the table facing the window, while the second clue is by Lamina right by the tubes on the table.

The usual view when entering the room

The enemy hiding on the left side of the doorway

5. Teleport to the Courtyard (First Floor) or alternatively the Cavern of Corrosion: Path of Gelid Wind as it is closer to the quest marker. BE CAREFUL WHEN ENTERING THE ROOM, as there will be enemies waiting to ambush you on the left side (refer to the image above). You will want to sprint past the door or use an attack that goes through walls.

6. After the battle, speak to Lamina then teleport to Special Purpose Lab, you have to fight an Ice Out of Space so be sure to bring either a Fire/Wind/Quantum dps or a strong shield breaker such as Asta.

7. Speak to Lamina after defeating the Ice Out of Space, then return to Master Control Zone to speak to Asta and Capote to complete the quest.

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