Simulated Universe: World 7 Opens

Play Simulated Universe: World 7 to Get New Planar Ornaments


Permanently available after the Version 1.2 update

▌Simulated Universe: World 7 Unlock Requirements

Complete the “Xianzhou Luofu — Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns” Trailblaze Mission and clear Simulated Universe: World 6 to unlock Simulated Universe: World 7.

▌Planar Ornament Details

Challenge Simulated Universe: World 7 and use Trailblaze Power or Immersifier to obtain new Planar Ornaments from Immersion Rewards.

New Planar Ornaments Preview:
Rutilant Arena
Link Rope: Taikiyan’s Arclight Race Track
Planar Sphere: Taikiyan Laser Stadium

Broken Keel
Link Rope: Insumousu’s Frayed Hawser
Planar Sphere: Insumousu’s Whalefall Ship


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