Simulated Universe: World 3

Recommended Team

March 7th/Gepard = Shielder/TaunterNatasha/Bailu = HealerDan Heng/Seele/Sushang = STServal/Jing Yuan = AoEMarch 7th/Gepard = Shielder/TaunterNatasha/Bailu = Healer or Bronya/Tingyun = Damage BufferDan Heng/Seele/Sushang = STServal/Jing Yuan = AoE

Preservation provides an easy way to keep your team alive while dishing out decent damage. A few core Buffs to look out for would be Buffs that provide Quake effects, such as Metastatic Field and Resonance Transfer, to help with damage output while taking Buffs, such as Firmness and Sanctuary, to bolster Shield uptime. Additionally, a few universally good Buffs to look out for in Preservation are Concentration and Burst, as those Buffs provide easy access to CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate. 

Destruction is an alternative Path the player can go for, as it is generally strong during the early stages of the game. This is a Path that centers its playstyle around being low HP. This makes Shielders such as Gepard and March 7th a great defensive option. You can also bring a Healer if you wish to keep your party at a certain HP threshold. Otherwise, consider having a Damage Buffer or Debuffer instead. Some Blessings to look out for are Inequality of Annihilation which distributes damage equally to all allies. This Buff makes it almost impossible to individually pick off your allies. Reflect is also another Blessing players can consider to provide themselves with a safety net to prevent characters from being defeated. 

Boss Attack Patterns and Strategies


Phase 1

Gepard Phase 1:  Besiege 👺 Frigid Waterfall 👺 Tit for Tat 👺 Fist of Conviction

Gepard will open Phase 1 with either β€œBesiege”, which Locks On to a single target forcing all enemies to attack that target, or β€œFrigid Waterfall”, which deals AoE damage to the entire team and gains a DMG Buff that cannot be removed. He then follows up with β€œTit for Tat”, which applies a Counter on to himself, and β€œFist of Conviction”, which deals a small amount of Single Target damage. After casting Fist of Conviction, Gepard will begin to loop through the rotation shown above. Prioritize defeating the Silvermane Cannoneer, as he is able to perform follow-up attacks whenever his Buffed target attacks. 

Phase 2 and 3

Gepard Start of Phase 2 and 3:  Besiege 👺 Frigid Waterfall 👺 Garrison  👺 Frigid Waterfall 

Shielded Skill Rotation: Smite 👺 Frigid Waterfall 

No Shield Rotation: Frigid Waterfall 👺 Tit for tat 👺 Smite 👺 Besiege

Phase 2 additional enemies: x2 Cannoneers
Phase 3 additional enemies: x2 Lieutenant

During Gepard’s 2nd and 3rd Phase gains an extra action per turn and will begin by casting β€œBesiege” into β€œFrigid Waterfall” and then use β€œGarrison” into β€œFrigid Waterfall” on his second turn. Garrison applies a Shield that removes the weaknesses of all enemies on the field and absorbs damage. The HP of this Shield can be found above Gepard and will last until its HP reaches 0%. While the Shield is active, Gepard will use a different Skill Rotation, as shown above. After Garrison has been broken, all enemies will take a large amount of damage and have Weakness Break applied on to all of them. Additionally, Gepard will begin to use a different Skill Rotation which is similar to Phase 1.  

The general mindset when trying to clear this stage is to try and burst down Gepard as quickly as possible to prevent him from gaining several Frigid Waterfall stacks. However, during Phases 2 and 3, we recommend saving your Path Resonance and large burst skills until Garrison is used.

Silvermane Lieutenant (Bug)

This version of the Silvermane Lieutenant has an exclusive skill that summons 4 smaller enemies and enters a Counter state. However, unlike his normal version, the Counter state will last until all enemies on the field are defeated. Note that if you hit the Lieutenant with a stray AoE attack, he will Counter and deal significant damage to that ally.

Searing Prowler

If you plan to bring a taunter/tank for this battle, remember to place them on either the left or rightmost corner to reduce the number of allies hit by the adjacent attack (Combustion Slash). We recommend constantly applying Weakness Break often to make sure the boss does not snowball into several stacks of Mania (High-Temperature Operation) and to keep track of its Bug skill which adds another wind-up skill that deals massive AoE damage to the entire team. 

Automaton Direwolf

If this boss is Bugged, he will Lock On to 2 party members during its wind-up. Take note of the amount of Bleed stacks your characters currently have since if you do not keep track of them, they are susceptible to being defeated by the Bleed stacks.

Voidranger: Trampler

There is only one skill you have to look out for. Which is its Lock On ability β€œSpiral Arrow”. While this skill may not deal direct damage, it is a wind-up of another skill called β€œEnd of Bow”. This can generally be dealt with by applying Weakness Break onto the Trampler to prevent him from using End of Bow. Another way to deal with this is to tank through End of Bow, then Heal + Cleanse the damage/debuff applied. Keep in mind that if the enemy is the bug version, the damage dealt by the wind-up attack is amplified/increased by a significant amount.

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