Simulated Universe: World 2

Recommended Team

Preservation Elation 
March 7th/Gepard = Shielder/Taunter
Natasha/Bailu = Healer
Dan Heng/ = ST
Serval/Jing Yuan = AoE
Clara = AoE/DPS
March 7th = Taunter/Shielder
Natasha = Healer
Tingyun/Pela = Buffer/Debuffer

We generally recommend going for Preservation for World 2, as it provides an easy way to keep your team alive while dishing out decent damage. A few core Buffs to look out for would be Buffs that provide Quake effects, such as Metastatic Field and Resonance Transfer, to help with damage output while taking Buffs, such as Firmness and Sanctuary, to bolster Shield uptime. Additionally, a few universally good Buffs to look out for in Preservation are Concentration and Burst, as those Buffs provide easy access to CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate.

Another Path you can consider going for is Elation if you have access to Clara. We recommend taking some Buffs that can improve damage output, such as Pale Fire, Exemplary Conduct, and Suspiria. Other utility Buffs to look out for are Gravitational Rainbow which delays the enemy’s action, and Doctor of Love to provide a small amount of healing after performing a Follow-Up attack.

Boss Attack Patterns and Strategies

Automaton Grizzly (Complete) and Automaton Direwolf (Complete)

Phase 1

Automaton Grizzly (Complete): Destruction Order 👺 Detonation Order 👺 Enrage Order 👺 Overcombust Order 👺 Purge Order

Automaton Direwolf (Complete): Disintegration Order 👺 Lock On 👺 Felling Order

At the start of Phase 1, 2 Automaton Spiders will be summoned. Prioritize defeating both Spiders to prevent them from dealing damage to your entire team and to deal damage to the enemies. We recommend applying Shields to allies that have β€œLock On” applied to them if you are having issues with survivability. Finally, whenever the Automaton Grizzly uses β€œOvercombust Order”, you can apply Weakness Break to cancel its charged state, which prevents β€œPurge Order”. To pull this off somewhat consistently, you can deal damage to the Automaton Grizzly’s Toughness until it gets low but not apply Weakness Break. Then wait for Overcombust Order to be used to apply Weakness Break; during this time, you can deal damage to the Direwolf.

Phase 2

Automaton Grizzly (Complete): Destruction Order 👺 Detonation Order 👺 Enrage Order

Automaton Direwolf (Complete): Disintegration Order 👺 Teamwork Order 👺 Felling Order x4 (2 per cycle)

For Phase 2, not much changes on how to approach this phase. Prioritize defeating both Spiders as they are summoned. However, the Direwolf will now have a new Skill called β€œTeamwork Order”. This can be dealt with similarly to Overcombust Order” by applying Weakness Break onto either of the enemies. Note that during this phase, the Automaton Direwolf will cast β€œFelling Order” continuously, which can apply several stacks of Bleed. For this, we recommend having a Cleanse or keeping the team topped off with HP or Shields. 

Stormbringer (Bug)

Stormbringer (Bug) will most likely start the battle with β€œWind Walker”, which deals damage to the main target and allies adjacent to them with a chance to apply Wind Shear. It will then follow up with β€œWind-Twisting Crossbow”, which brings the Stormbringer into a charged state to use β€œWindfall Storm”. It will only deal damage to targets with Wind Shear applied to them. You can cancel Windfall Storm by cleansing Wind Shear. If Windfall Storm is successfully cast or the Stormbringer deals damage to targets with Wind Shear, it will gain a slight ATK increase. Finally, it is also able to summon 4 Windspawns which have a high chance to apply Wind Shear when they attack. This can be canceled by applying Weakness Break during its charged state (Wind-Twisting Crossbow).

Searing Prowler

To start off this battle, make sure you defeat both Incineration Shadewalkers as quickly as possible. If left unchecked, they can both apply Burn to your team, which can apply a DMG Buff to the boss. This makes Cleansers such as March 7th, Natasha, and Bronya a great option to Dispel the Burn. If you plan to bring a taunter/tank for this battle, we recommend placing them on either the left or rightmost corner to reduce the number of allies hit by the adjacent attack (Combustion Slash).It is important to note that if you are unable to clear this wave quickly, you should consider constantly applying Weakness Break often to make sure the boss does not snowball into several stacks of Mania (High-Temperature Operation).

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