Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster Event Detail

Herta, Ruan Mei, Screwllum, and Stephen have joined forces to bring about the Simulated Universe's first major update!

Herta, Ruan Mei, Screwllum, and Stephen have joined forces to bring about the Simulated Universe’s first major update!

They’re not only bringing in brand-new Blessings, Curios, and random events, but also the new “map” and the mysterious Audience Dice and Communing Device!

Of course, all of it needs to be experienced by the Trailblazer.

The Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster is about to begin!


Permanently available after 2023/09/06 12:00 (Server time)

Participation Requirement

Clear Simulated Universe: World 5

First-Time Clearance Reward

Chapter Collection Rewards

Trail of Pathstrider Unlock Rewards

How to Play

● The Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster update brings new Blessings, new Curios, new random events, and new types of Path Resonances.

● In Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster, you need to move across different Domains via a “map”.

● After beating each Domain, you can use the Communing Device to toss out “Audience Die”. Every Aeon’s Audience Die has different effects, and if you put the feature to good use, you can obtain many more Blessings and Curios. With the Continuous Effect of the Audience Dice, you will be in a more advantageous spot to tackle Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster.

● While making your way through Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster, you can also take on Trail of Pathstrider challenges. Complete these challenges to increase Communing Trail points and obtain extra rewards in the Trail of Pathstrider interface.

● Increasing your Communing Trail points can let you unlock various special buffs (the buffs are only active in Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster).

● After earning a specific amount of Communing Trail points, you can clear Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster to collect new main story chapters, after which you can check out new Aeon stories and obtain corresponding chapter collection rewards.

● In the innermost depth of the Third Plane, you can challenge the new boss enemy “Swarm: True Sting”.


● Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster has 5 difficulties in total, with Difficulty V (Torturous Difficulty) offering high-level obstacles and challenges. Trailblazers can challenge these difficulties based on their preferences.

● Collect all chapters of Simulated Universe: Swarm Disaster and complete the adventure mission “Swarm Disaster: The End” to unlock the all-new Path of Propagation in Simulated Universe.


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