Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta

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As you progress through the Herta will provide you with a optional Adventure Mission to clear Simulated Universe a 2nd time. In this Adventure Mission you will be send into a dungeon/domain where your team lineup is fixed and you are forced to use the trial characters provided to you (Dan Heng, March 7th and Herta).

The domain consist of 3 stages the first 2 stages mainly consisting of a few group of enemies and the final stage being a boss stage. As most encounters/battles in this quest are simple enough and can be left on auto, we will be only covering the final enemies for each stage.

Stage 1

The first enemy you encounter will have 2 enemies weak to Physical, we recommend entering this encounter with Trailblazer (Physical) to drop 2 enemies HP to half.

For the second encounter we recommend entering the battle with Dan Heng as all the enemies are weak to Wind.

Finally for the last encounter of this floor all 3 enemies are weak to Trailblazer (Physical). Start off the encounter by using Trailblazer (Physical) skill to break all the enemies shields then follow up with Herta’s skill to proc her follow-up attacks to make quick work of this encounter.

Stage 2

Similar to the first stage the first 2 encounters are throw away fights and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. The first encounter has 2 enemies weak to physical so start the encounter with Trailblazer (Physical), then use Dan Heng’s skill to target the middle enemy’s weakness.

For the second encounter start off with either Herta or March 7th as there are 2 enemies weak to Ice.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is the boss floor and only contains 1 enemy, if you have leftover technique points feel free to use them to gain attack buffs on Herta and Dan Heng, heal your party with Trailblazer (Physical) if needed or begin the encounter with March 7th.

To start out nuke both of the smaller enemies with Trailblazer’s skill + Herta’s follow-up should be enough to make quick work of them, be sure to lower Blaze Out of Space’s shield bar BUT DO NOT BREAK IT. As we want to hold off breaking his shield until he enters Molten Fusion or Blazing Absortion to instantly remove the buffs he gains. After the buff is removed or when the shield is broken throw out your nukes to burst him down.

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