Silver Wolf Companion Mission Guide

You received Arlan’s message. He seems to want to formally thank you for helping him when you first met. Get ready and go to Base Zone.

How to Get: Reach Trailblaze Level 21 or higher. In addition, complete the Trailblaze Mission in Herta Space Station. You will get a message for Arlan that will automatically give you the Punklorde Mentality Companion Mission.

Once you completed this Companion Mission, you can unlock and play the time-limited event Starhunt Game.’

1. Go to the base zone to answer the call
➥ Teleport to the Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone, and follow the quest navigation.

2. Go toward the elevator entrance and see who the important guest is
➥ Keep following the navigation to meet Screwllum for the first time.

3. Talk to the Distressed Worker
➥ Talk to Leonard after you finished your conversation with Arlan just in front of you.

4. Investigate the suspicious graffiti
➥ Once you scan the graffiti, you will enter a battle featuring the enemies below (their levels will change based on Equilibrium level):
– Antibaryon (Lv. 32)
– Voidranger: Reaver (Lv. 32)
– Voidranger: Distorter (Lv. 32)
– Baryon (Lv. 32)

5. Track Silver Wolf’s path of infiltration
➥ Follow the navigation until you see a question mark graffiti on the floor.

➥ After that, you will enter the Reception Area again to find another 3 graffitis (Can be seen in the images above).

6. Continue to track Silver Wolf’s infiltration pathway
➥ When entering the room with the Herta puppet in it, the graffiti you need to scan is in front of the huge screen.

7. Head to the Curio Collection Room at the other end
➥ Inside the Collection Room, head to the exhibit of multiple cubics to find a Silver Wolf Graffiti.

8. Talk with Leonard
➥ Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and head to the main control room.

➥ Once you talk to Leonard, you need to fight in a battle that features the enemies below:
– Antibaryon (Lv. 32)
– Voidranger: Reaver (Lv. 32)
– Voidranger: Eliminator (Lv. 32)

9. Go to Herta’s Office
➥ Teleport to Herta’s Office to continue the mission (At this point, the Starhunt Game event will be available for you to play).

10. Talk with Screwllum
➥ When Herta finished bickering with Screwllum, it was time for you to talk to him.

11. Enter the Simulated Universe with Screwllum’s help
➥ Talk to Screwllum again to enter the Simulated Universe. You can also talk to Leonard if you want before entering the SU (he’s just behind you).

12. Go deep into the Simulated Universe
➥ Silver Wolf [Trial] will enter the SU with you, so you can only bring 3 of your characters. Above are the enemies that will appear and their Weaknesses. When inside the SU, keep following the navigation to find the Aether Catridge’s data deep in the Simulated Universe.

13. Reach the deepest depth of the data chain
➥ There will sometimes be 2 portals that appear before you, but you can only enter one of them which is the right one, so you won’t get lost.

14. Talk to Herta
➥ After the mind-blowing conversation with Silver Wolf and Screwllum in the Simulated Universe, you will exit the SU and you can then talk to Herta.

15. Talk with Screwllum
➥ Talk to Screwllum again and ask questions that you are given (if you want to, of course, the last question is so off-topic it’s pretty hilarious).

16. Talk with Leonard
➥ Almost at the end of the Companion Mission here with Leonard as the last person we need to talk to.

17. Clear out the last graffiti
➥ Scan the last graffiti in Herta’s Office to complete the Companion Mission and get a CG of Kafka and Silver Wolf.


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