Silver Wolf Full

Silver Wolf Build Guide

The Nihility – Quantum

Role: Debuffer

Skill Priority: Ultimate → Talent → Skill → Basic ATK


Silver Wolf is a 5* Quantum Nihility character that is only available through Warp/Gacha. She fills the unique niche of being able to apply new elemental weaknesses to enemies while applying a plethora of debuffs onto them.


Basic:  You will most likely be using Silver Wolf Basic to generate SP and apply Bugs (Talent) onto enemies. However, her main source of damage does not come from her Basic. If you wish to save on materials, you can leave this skill at level 1.

Skill: Silver Wolf’s signature skill, when used, adds 1 Weakness of an on-field ally element to an enemy for 2(3) turns. This also reduces their innate elemental damage resistance by 20% for its duration and further reduces it by 7.5(10)%. Something to keep in mind about the weakness application is that it will not apply the same innate elemental weakness that the enemy currently has, but she can apply the same weakness IF it is not an innate weakness. Meaning if you have a team of 3 Fire + 1 Quantum, and the enemy has a Quantum weakness, you are guaranteed to always apply Fire weakness onto the enemy. However if the enemy has neither Fire nor Quantum weakness, it will always be a 50/50 whether either Fire or Quantum weakness is applied since there is no weighing system in place. This means that if you get unlucky, making Silver Wolf can be a very Skill Point hungry character. 

Ultimate: A straightforward skill that applies DEF down onto 1 enemy for 3 turns. It is important to level this skill up for the additional Base Chance to apply its debuff. Additionally, it is a relatively expensive Ultimate costing 110 energy to activate. We recommend having an Energy Regen Rate Link Rope to be able to use her Ultimate more often. 

Talent: Silver Wolf’s talent applies Bugs onto enemies each time she attacks, which last for 3 turns. There are 3 types of Bugs that can be applied; either an ATK, DEF, or SPD reduction. An important thing to note is the same type of bug cannot be applied twice, meaning you will eventually always have all 3 debuffs applied onto an enemy.

Team Comps

Silver Wolf is a flexible character that can be slotted into any type of team that wants to have a certain Elemental Weakness on an enemy. She does excel in mono teams that mainly center around 1 element or teammates that have some of their elements as innate weaknesses to the enemy. 

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets
1. Genius of Brilliant Stars 4pc
2. Musketeer of Wild Wheat 4pc 

Planetary Sets
1. Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise 2pc
2. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat:
Body: Effect Hit Rate%
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: Quantum DMG
Link Rope: Energy Regen Rate / Break Effect

Sub Stat Priority: Effect Hit Rate > Speed > Break Effect > Attack 

Genius of Brilliant Stars 4pc: Your goto relic for Silver Wolf, it is an overall damage increase and allows us to ignore enemies DEF.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat 4pc: A placeholder set you can consider using before you have a 4pc Genius of Brilliant Stars. It provides Silver Wolf with additional Speed, which allows her to take more turns. 


E1: After using Silver Wolf’s Ultimate to attack enemies, regenerates 7 energy for every debuff that the enemy currently has. This effect can be triggered up to 5 times per Ultimate. An overall great effect that Silver Wolf can take full advantage of due to her Talent applying a total of 3 debuffs, along with her Skill and Ultimate, it is possible to reach max stacks required for its full effect. This Eidolon reduces the downtime between each Ultimate cast.

E2: Reduces the enemies’ Effect Res by 20% after entering battle. If you have this Eidolon, this brings down the amount of EHR you need from 123% to 59% to consistently apply debuffs and Entanglement on bosses in MOC. This Eidolon also allows you to build towards a Crit build instead of a Break Build. 

E4: Deals an additional 20% damage for each debuff the enemy has after using Ultimate up to a maximum of 5 times. An overall decent upgrade to Silver Wolf’s kit when playing a Crit build. 

E6: A straightforward effect that provides a 20% damage buff for each debuff an enemy, up to a total of 100%. 

Recommended Light Cones

Best in Slot

Incessant Rain Before the Tutorial Mission Starts


In the Name of the World Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat

Incessant Rain: Silver Wolf’s signature light cone and her best in slot in a crit build. It provides her with (24%) Effect Hit Rate, which helps ease up on the steep Effect Hit Rate requirements on her kit. It also provides a 12% Crit Rate buff when attacking an enemy with 3 or more debuffs. Additionally, after the wearer uses a Basic, Skill, or Ultimate, there’s a chance to apply an Aether code which makes targets receive 12% more damage.  If you plan on using this light cone, we recommend using an Energy Regen Rate link rope to ensure you are able to use your Ultimate often. This light cone truly shines when you have E2 Silver Wolf, as this Eidolon brings down the amount of Effective Hit Rate you need from 123% to 59% in MOC 10, allowing you to go for more damage-oriented main/sub-stats. 

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts: A F2P/Welfare light cone that all players will have access to at Superimpose 5 if they have played and completed the Starhunt Game. An overall amazing Light Cone that provides a large amount of (40%) Effect Hit Rate and (8) Energy which Silver Wolf desperately needs. If you have access to this light cone, you are able to build towards different substats such as Break Effect, Crit Rate, or Crit DMG. The additional Energy gained from this light cone allows you to use Silver Wolf’s Ultimate more often. 

Silver Wolf really wants to use either Incessant Rain or Before the Tutorial Mission Starts. However, in case you have missed or do not have either of those light cones, here are some alternatives. 

In the Name of the World: An alternative 5* light cone you can consider using if you have access to it. If you do plan on using this light cone, you will still have to build towards Effective Hit Rate, as Silver Wolf’s skill is not her only source of debuffs. 
Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweats: An alternative 4* light cone you can consider using for an additional DEF reduction. If you choose to take this light cone, consider building towards more Effective Hit Rate to be able to sustain your debuffs.

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