Silent Yet Shining Mission Guide

Natasha tells you that the clinic keeps receiving anonymous care packages. She doesn’t know who is doing this, but you two decide to spread their love and care to those in need.

This is a continuation of the Ring and Stage mission, and can only be obtained after you completed the Trial of Equilibrium: Part One which will increase your Equilibrium level.
Click here for the Ring and Stage Mission Guide

1. Talk to Scott and then Kluzer and ask about his health status
➥ Teleport to Fight Club space anchor in Boulder Town and talk to Scott near the entrance to start the mission. Enter the club and talk to Kluzer (the one with blue armor).

2. Gift the anonymous packages
➥ There are 3 items you need to gift, and all of them are already marked on the map.
1. Children’s Book Package: Gift to Wandering Little Girl
2. Toddler Clothing Package: Gift to Courteous Woman
3. Milk Powder Package: Scraggy Miner

3. Check Kruzler’s condition
➥ Teleport to Fight Club space anchor and enter the club to find Kluzer. But since you don’t find him, ask the audience members (the couple couple) about Kluzer’s whereabouts.

4. Ask Scott about Kluzer’s whereabouts
➥ Get out of the club and ask Scott about Kluzer’s location.

5. Look for Kluzer
➥ Teleport to Orphanage space anchor in Rivet Town and head northeast to find Kluzer. You need to defeat an enemy here so be careful.

6. Tell Natasha about Kluzer and his packages
➥ Teleport to Natasha’s Clinic in Boulder Town and enter the clinic to talk to Natasha and end the quest.

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