Signs of Fragmentum Stage 3


The map used in the image below was taken in the overworld as you are unable to open the map in the domain.


Signs of Fragmentum is an Excursion Domain that grants corresponding rewards upon completion. when entering Domains of Excursion team composition cannot be changed and you are unable to teleport to other areas.

A Sustenance Anchor can be found in Domains of Excusion that can regenerate characters’ health but cannot teleport Trailblazers.

Here is the list of objectives for Signs of Fragmentation stage 2.

Wubbaboos Location

As you enter the domain, you will be tasked to talk to the NPC found in front of the elevator. After talking to the NPC go towards the left side of the elevator to find your first Wubbaboo.

After collecting the first Wubbaboo continue towards behind the elevator to find 2 Wubbaboos.

While there is an enemy guarding the pathway towards the 3rd Wubbaboo, it is possible to skip this battle completely by standing near the end of the bridge to scan the Wubbaboo as the enemy is walking away.

After scanning your 3rd Wubbaboo return to the front side of the elevator then head towards the left room, where there will be a walkway puzzle that you will have to solve before you are able to continue to the next Wubbaboo

After finishing the puzzle continue onwards to the left room, at the entrance of the room you will find your 4th Wubbaboo.

Finally, head back to the main pathway and enter the room to the right. As you enter this room you will see a boss guarding one of the two rooms, we want to completely ignore this boss and instead go toward the room that the boss is not guarding (The room to the right).

Walk down the stairway midway until you can see the Wubbaboo on top of the doorway, if you time your descent properly you will be able to completely skip the battle.

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