Signs of Fragmentum Stage 2


The map used in the image below was taken in the overworld as you are unable to open the map in the domain.


Signs of Fragmentum is an Excursion Domain that grants corresponding rewards upon completion. when entering Domains of Excursion team composition cannot be changed and you are unable to teleport to other areas.

A Sustenance Anchor can be found in Domains of Excusion that can regenerate characters’ health but cannot teleport Trailblazers.

Here is the list of objectives for Signs of Fragmentation stage 2.

Wubbaboos Location

The 1st Wubbaboo can be found floating between the platform and the office

Then walk to either the left or right platform to enter the office, here you can find the 2nd Wubbaboo to the left of the doorway leading into the pathway.

Enter the doorway then continue onwards to the right side of the pathway. The 3rd Wubbaboo can be found at the edge of the right room.

From here backtrack to the main pathway and continue onwards to the left side, once you enter the room there will be 2 doorways you can go through. Head to the doorway in front of you to find the 4th Wubbaboo by the stairs.

Finally, return to the previous room and enter the room to your left, there defeat the enemy guarding this room then retrieve the final Wubbaboo on top of the doorway.

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