Shield is a store currency for the World Shop on the Jarilo-VI. The said store is located in Boulder Town, after talking to Lauder near the space anchor near the Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor. You can obtain this currency by:
1. Exploring Belobog (Interact with items)
2. Complete Adventure Missions

This guide will show you how to obtain 460 Shield in both the overworld and underworld by exploring (does not include Adventure Missions).

Some achievements you will get along the way:
1. The Mandela Effect
2. Sweet Pom-Pom O’Mine
3. Hurt Locker
4. Moral Higher Ground
5. 50 Credits?
6. For Ages 12 and Up
7. Knight in Shining Armor
8. Outworlder

Administrative District

1. Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and head north towards the gate and a Nervous Man. Talk to the Nervous Man > Teleport to another map and go to this location again > Repeat 4 times. The man will change his title every time:
1. Nervous Man
2. Glum Man
3. Frightened Man
4. Smiling Man
After the 3rd time, you will get 20 Shields. Then, after the 4th time, you will unlock an achievement called ‘The Mandela Effect.’

2. From the previous location, head southwest to the phone booth. Investigate it to get 20 Shields. As for the dialogue, I keep choosing the top options.

3. From the previous location, go to the stairs that lead downstairs and investigate the small blue car. A Derisive Resident will come to you so talk to him to get 20 Shields.

4. From the previous location, head south and step on the manhole cover. After a few seconds, the option to Investigate will appear. Finish the conversations to get 20 Shields.

5. Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor and head east to the Qlipoth Fort. Investigate the desk behind Bronya to get 20 Shields. Make sure to choose the ‘I am chaos incarnate!’

6. After that, investigate the Armillary Sphere to get another 20 Shields. Choose the ‘Spin the globe. Revive geography!’ I choose the following dialogue to get the achievement ‘Sweet Pom-Pom O’Mine:’
1. Find the location of Belobog
2. Look to the north
3. What is in the northeast?
4. What is in the northwest?

7. Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor and head to Serval’s workshop. Talk to the Excited Girl outside the workshop first before talking to Serval in the shop. You can choose either to take a photo without telling Serval or tell Serval first before taking a photo with her permission. Give the Excited Girl the photo you take to get 20 Shields.

8. Teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor and climb up the stairs to enter the Hotel Lobby on the west. Go to the Hotel Corridor and investigate at least 5 doors (excluding your room) to trigger a secret and get 20 Shields. You will wake up in your room later.

9. Now that you’re in your room, investigate and enter the closet in your room. Choose the following options to get 20 Shields and 1 Praise of High Morals:
1. Whatever, I’m going in. Here I come, closet!
2. Dark night gifted me a set of dark eyes…
3. The real deal is coming?
4. Room service
5. Bang! The closet’s door slams open.

10. Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and head south to the underground cable car area. Investigate the suitcase on top of the stairs to get a Dazzling Golden Watch, 20 Shields, and a ‘Hurt Locker‘ achievement.

Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor and once arrived, keep walking forward until you see Wallace. Give him the Dazzling Golden Watch (You will only get Credits for this).

11. Collect 7 Wanted Posters around Administrative Districts and you will get 20 Shields, a Wanted Poster Profile Picture, and an achievement ’50 Credits?’
I had cover it in another guide and you can check it out here: 50 Credits? Achievement Guide

Backwater Pass

12. Teleport to Leisure Plaza space anchor and head south until you see a blue phone booth. Investigate it by choosing the ‘I got no choice but to answer.’ You will get 20 Shields and an important keyword (February 13) which will be used in Boulder Town.

Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

13. Teleport to the Outpost space anchor and walk forward until you see a wooden barrel. Choose the following dialogues to get 1 Praise of High Morals, 20 Shields, and an achievement ‘Moral Higher Ground:’
1. I… I give up…
2. I’m sorry. I was wrong.
3. Please stop! I won’t do it again!

Boulder Town

14. This one is the continuation of #12 after you obtain the passcode (birthday date). Teleport to Fight Club space anchor in Boulder Town and enter the Fight Club. Look to your left to see a desk. Investigate the box on the table and choose ‘Try to figure out the combination.’ The answer is Zero > Two > One > Three (0213). You will get 20 Shields.

15. Still in the Fight Club, go further inside to find a girl in red and a man in a brown outfit. Listen to their conversation to send a message to Dan Heng and obtain his picture. Talk to the two fans again and make sure to choose the option ‘I’ll give it to you‘ to get 20 Shields and 1 Praise of High Morals.

16. Still in the Fight Club, go back to the location where you investigate the box. In front of it, there’s another Investigate option. Interact with it to get the ‘Dark Fist Tournament Invitation Letter.’

Get out of the Fight Club, and after passing Scott, turn to your left to talk to Mysterious Kid. Choose the ‘See, I got the invitation’ to the kid to enter the Dark Fist Tournament. Play rock-paper-scissor with 3 kids and obtain 20 Shields and an achievement called ‘For Ages 12 and Up.’ This is what I choose when playing:
First of the Formidable Four: Rock! (Win)
Second of the Formidable Four: Paper! (Lose)
Third of the Formidable Four: Scissors! (Win)

17. Teleport to Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor and walk southwest towards the Moles Sidekick beside the red mailbox. Choose ‘Are you waiting for someone?’ to play hide-and-seek with the Moles.

Head further east to the dumpster and choose to hide in there. After several dialogues, you will get 20 Shields.

18. From the previous location, enter the Goethe Grand Hotel just on your right. Once in the room, investigate the table to fill out the questionnaire. Answered all with ‘Very Satisfied.’ Get out of the hotel and talk to Gertie to obtain 20 Shields and 1 Praise of High Morals.

19. From the previous location, head east until you see a Mysterious Woman with two treasure chests. Talk to her and open a treasure chest (I choose to open the small chest and obtain ‘Dazzling Rainbowite‘). Talk to the woman again and after she left, open the remaining treasure chest to fight some enemies and then obtain the 20 Shields.

From the previous location, head south to find Balaway. Give him the Dazzling Rainbowite by choosing the ‘I’m holding a fistful of crystals’ to get 1 Praise of High Morals (No Shields here but I included it here in case some are wondering).

20. Walk to Antonia just on the right side of Balaway and choose the option ‘I’m looking for some EXTRA DOUGH. You know what I mean?’

Then, teleport to Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Spike in the Great Mine. Walk to the piles of Geomarrow just in front of this boss and there will be an option to Investigate. Make sure to choose the ‘Strike with a VERY moderate amount of force.’ Return to Antonia in Boulder with the item you get to receive 20 Shields.

21. From the previous location (Antonia locations), head further south and climb the stairs to reach Turner. Participate in the Competitive Eater Championship to get 20 Shields.

22. Teleport to Central Plaza space anchor in Administrative District and head southeast to a shop with Ronald as the shopkeeper. Buy the ‘Language Module’ from him.

Teleport back to Goethe Grand Hotel space anchor in Boulder Town and after arrival, turn around 180 degrees to see Fidora. Give her the Language Module to get an achievement called ‘Knight in Shining Armor.’ Teleport to another map (I choose the Great Mine) and then return to this location again to talk to Fidora’s Robot. Make sure to keep choosing the first option (the most positive one) to get 20 Shields and 1 Praise of High Morals.

Rivet Town

23. This one is only possible once you defeat the Warp Trotter in Rivet Town. You can check this guide for the location of said Warp Trotter and obtain the item ‘Dirty Ribbon Tied to a Bell.’ Once done, teleport to the Entrance space anchor and go up the stairs until you reach a window on your left that you can interact with from the ‘Weak Female Voice.’ Give her the bell and then you can choose to Investigate the window again. You will get a ‘Damaged Music Box‘ and 20 Shields.

This is a continuation from #23, but teleport to another map first. Then, teleport to Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Gust and head southeast to find an Anxious Woman. Give her the music box to get 1 Praise of High Morals and an achievement ‘Outworlder.’

If there are other methods not included in this guide, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

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