Serval Companion Mission Guide

Serval invited you to have afternoon tea together at the Goethe Gotel with a clumsy excuse. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch - You immediately realize that there is more to it.

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How to Get: There are 2 missions for Serval’s Companion Mission, and you will (most likely) get the first one after completing Ancestor’s Drill Bit and When Business Comes Knocking Adventure Missions.
1. Time Express
2. Only a Child

Time Express

1. Head to Goethe Hotel for your appointment
➥ Open your Incoming Message Notification and read the message from Serval. She suddenly asks for a date but we know something is bothering her. Teleport to Goethe Hotel space anchor in Administrative District and enter the hotel to start the mission.

2. Ask the Astral Express member
➥ You can send a message to either Himeko, Mr. Yang, or the conductor Pom-Pom about Serval’s request. I choose Himeko since she’s the one who recruits us and it’s going swimmingly, so I don’t know what conversations will happen if you choose the other two (I assume still positive responses).

3. Report back to Serval
➥ Get out of the Hotel and go to Serval’s Neverwinter Workshop and talk to her about her request.

4. Go to the Qlipoth Fort with Gepard
➥ Now, go out from the workshop and head to the Qlipoth Fort just outside the workshop. Qlipoth Fort doesn’t have any space anchor so you can only walk to it.

5. Help Serval pack her things
➥ Once you return to the workshop with the duo, there are 4 items you need to interact with to help Serval pack her things:
1. Unfinished letter
2. Blue case on the higher shelf (Silvermane Guard standard issue portable heater)
3. Serval’s guitar
4. Mysterious plant specimens

6. Talk with the Landau Siblings
➥ After that, the first mission will be completed and you need to wait for the next one to appear. I got mine after completing the first part of Clara’s Companion Mission.

Only a Child

It is about time to meet the Landau siblings. According to Gepard, you are absolutely required for this Underworld trip with the Guards – and you like hearing this. As it is, why don’t you go to the Overworld cable car and meet up with the Landau siblings.

1. Meet up with the Landau siblings at the Overworld cable car
➥ Teleport to Golden Theater space anchor and head south to the staircase that leads downstairs to find the Landau siblings.

2. Head to the Boulder Town clinic
➥ Save yourself some time and teleport to Natasha’s Clinic space anchor in Boulder Town and enter her clinic. After that, just listen to the meeting between the Silvermane Guards and Wildfire until a commotion occurs outside the clinic.

3. Talk with Serval and head to the Great Mine
➥ After talking to Serval, both of you will go to the Great Mine. Then, you can talk to Gepard about the state of the battlefield. There’s a lot of fighting here so bring along your best team or characters that can break the mentioned Weakness in the challenge.

4. Move deeper into the battlefield and help the refugees on the way
➥ You need to use the elevator on your left to go to down and deeper into the mine. After that, keep following the path where you can see enemies. Along the way, you will see a makeshift defensive line and hear of missing people. You will find these people later without a scratch.

5. Keep pushing deeper into the battlefield
➥ The last enemy you will be facing is the Shadow Cocolia. You can auto-battle it but this one has the skill to ban your characters from doing certain actions or they will get countered so be careful with it.

6. Speak to the miner siblings who were saved
➥ Return to Boulder Town clinic and report to Natasha. After that, you can talk to the sibling you rescued before.

7. Leave the clinic and listen to what Serval has to say
➥ Talk to Serval outside the clinic to continue the quest and get the last task.

8. Wait for the Landau siblings at Everwinter Hill
➥ Teleport to Deck of Creation space anchor in Everwinter Hill and listen to Serval’s rage performance to complete the mission. Surprisingly, both Serval and Gepard will be the visitors to the Express and not just Serval alone.

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