Sampo Build Guide

The Nihility- Wind

Role: Wind DoT 

Recommended Skill Priority

Skill Level Priority: Ultimate = Talent > Skill > Basic

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets
1. Eagle of Twilight + Musketeer of Wild Wheat (2 piece each)

Planetary Sets
1. Space Sealing Station
Main Stat:
Body: Crit Rate/Crit DMG
Boots: SPD/ATK%

Planet Sphere: Wind DMG
Link Rope: ATK%

Sub Stat Priority: ATK% > SPD = Effect Hit Rate


  • E1 Has an additional Dagger bounce on skill
  • E2 inflicts wind shear on all enemies on enemy defeat
  • E4 Inflicts 10% of additional wind shear damage when skill hits target (not limited to one proc)
  • E6 increases Wind Shear damage multiplier 

Early thoughts and analysis

Sampo doubles down as a DoT and Weakness breaker. Being able to hit target/s multiple times via skill. He has the ability to inflict wind shear every normal attack which is a DoT effect. Sampo’s E4 takes even more advantage of this DoT, enabling good ST DPS towards target(s) if User has enough wind shear stacks (5 or more). This may be achieved with either Slow debuffs on target, Slow enemies and/or speed buffs on Sampo.

Recommended Lightcones


In the Night Sleep Like the Dead Swordplay


Cruising in the Stellar Sea River Flows in Spring

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