Road to Revival Mission Guide

The Legion’s campaign has come to a temporary end. Traveling amongst the vast sea of stars, the star echo remnants from Herta Space Station are heard once again – with the combined strength of Asta and all the researchers, the peerless space station seems to be expanding and recruiting for an operation known as Project Revival. Arlan believes that you are the most suitable candidate for this.

Road to Revival mission is one of the most important missions in Herta Space Station because there are few doors locked behind it, and other missions also depend on this one to be completed first before they can be triggered.

How to Get: You will automatically trigger this mission after starting the game with Trailblaze Mission.

1. Find Arlan and listen to the space station’s star echo remnants
➥ Arlan is located in Master Control Zone and you can just follow the navigation to reach him.

2. Head to the base zone and help the researcher in need
➥ Teleport to Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone. The first task is simply to help Abraham activate a space anchor.

3. Go to the storage zone and learn about the revival declared by researchers
➥ The second task is to defeat the leftover enemies from the Legion in the marked location. With your current level and enemies’ low level, it’s not a problem at all.

4. Chat with Wen Shiqi
➥ The last task is to take a picture of a broken robot and the Astral Express. The game will guide you to use the camera function here. After giving the images to Wen Shiqi, you will complete the mission.

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