Ring and Stage Mission Guide

There are 2 parts to Ring and Stage quest, but both are extremely short and are continuous instead of separated.

How to get: Read a message from ‘Dr. Dig‘ from the Incoming Message Notification. Can only be triggered after you completed the Trailblaze Mission – Lying In Rust.

Ring and Stage 1

Dr. Dig, the manager of the Fight Club, sends you a message, saying that his boss is trying to hatch a new business idea. He also mentions “big money.” Have a chat with Scott when you have the time.

1. Go to the Fight Club and have a chat with Scott
➥ Teleport to Fight Club space anchor in Boulder Town and talk to Scott near the entrance.

2. Talk to Dr. Dig and take the strength test
➥ Enter the Fight Club and talk to Dr. Dig before you need to fight some robots. It’s not that hard so don’t worry.

3. Pass the test and ask Scott for the prize money
➥ Get out of the club and talk to Scott again about the money. This is where the first part ends and you will directly obtain the continuation below.

Ring and Stage 2

4. Give the armor to Scott
➥ Teleport to Orphanage space anchor in Rivet Town and head southeast until you find a Fragmentum enemy. This one is tougher than before, and its weakness is Physical, Fire, and Quantum. Return to the Fight Club and give the armor to Scott to complete the quest.
➥ There’s a continuation for this story mission called ‘Silent yet Shining‘ and I will cover it in another post since it is a separate mission.

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