Reroll Priority and Guide – Recommended Characters


Naturally, in a gacha game, some units can be much better than others, here are our thoughts about re-rolling and who you should aim when rerolling.

Rerolling is rather lengthy in this game as the game does have un-skippable dialogue and can reach 30 Minutes of gameplay until you can actually pull, which can be an extreme drag, and can be demotivating if the user does not get desired results.

We won’t tell you not to, especially since the game does give you a guaranteed 5* character after 50 pulls. But if you have free time, feel free to re-roll until your heart is content with your unit roster.

Reroll Method

There’s no Guest method log-in for Mihoyo games anymore, so salted accounts won’t work (,, etc etc). The user needs to create another Separate Log-in everytime they wish to re-roll. This means that if the user used their main hoyolab account, and is unsatisfied with their first roll, the player will have to sacrifice the convenience of having all their accounts in one email if they plan to continue re-rolling.

Luckily, Emulators have a built in option that allows multiple instances of the same game running which does require more work, but increases re-roll speed. This may require a high-end PC, more details will be shared when process is tested at launch.


After the tutorial, you’ll be rewarded with the pre-registration rewards (20 star rail passes) that can only be used for Departure warp or stellar warp, which means rolling for Seele will be very time consuming as she’s inclusive to her rate-up banner.

The user can opt to reach Trail blazer level 15 to get 40 pulls in total(10 pulls from Trail Blazer level 5 via Event, another 10 pulls at Trail Blazer level 15). The beginner banner is discounted, and only requires 40x to reach the guaranteed 5* unit mark.

Recommended Characters

High Priority

We highly recommend rerolling for these characters as they are currently the best at their roles and do not depend on a specific team composition to perform well.

Bronya: Bronya is a no brainer when you are considering who to reroll for, she provides a plethora of buffs such as CRIT DMG, ATK, and DMG%. The best part of her skill set is that she is able to Advance Forward a single ally’s action by 100% essentially giving them a free turn, this opens up certain strategies and allows you to be extremely flexible when setting up for your damage cycle or react to the current situation.

Ideally, you would want to build Bronya as a supporter and prioritize leveling her Ultimate and Skill as they provide the most team utility and increases the team’s overall damage output. Then you can consider raising her Talent and Basic if you have enough spare materials.

Seele: Seele is also another great reroll choice if you want a Single Target damage dealer, while Seele is not as universally used as Bronya/Tingyun she is able to hold her own due to her high damage output. Having several built in buffs such as SPD boost, Action Advance, and Quantum RES PEN allows her to set up for a 1 cycle clear or huge burst of damage against bosses when paired with Bronya.

Although Seele’s skillset centered around being a single target damage dealer she can be used in AOE content due to her talent, when Seele defeats an enemy she enters a buffed state (Resurgence) which provides her with an extra action and increases her DMG for 1 turn.

(Note: She is NOT in the standard banner, rather in the rate-up banner, and uses different tickets from what the game gives at that start of the game. VERY time consuming, Extreme will power is advised)

Tingyun: Tingyun is the best 4* available on the game’s release. Tingyun’s ultimate is able to generate 50 energy for 1 ally and she is currently the only unit in the game that is able to generate energy for another ally. This effect alone would have made her a strong character in most teams however, her ultimate has a second effect which increases an ally’s DMG% for 3 turns which makes her one of the best supporters for a hyper carry team.

Mid Priority

Himeko: Himeko specializes in dealing AoE damage and truly shines in the early stages of the game and farming where you will be going up against several waves of smaller enemies.

It is important to unlock her traces specifically her A2 and A4 trace (Starfire and Magma), as Starfire almost guarantees that an enemy will have the Burn debuff will be applied to them which synergizes well with her A4 trace which increases skill damage by 20% if enemies are inflicted with Burn.

As Himeko is able to have a good uptime with her Burn debuff she synergizes well with characters like Sampo and Hook as they both benefit from DoTs/Burn.

Clara: While Clara does have the highest theoretical damage in the game, it is unfortunately unrealistic to pull off and requires specific team compositions. Clara’s main damage source comes from her Talent and allows her to counter an enemy if she is attacked.

This means Clara has anti-synergizes with units that can draw aggro to themselves such as Gepard and Fire MC, while favoring other units that are able to give Clara more aggro (Currently only March 7th). This means in most scenarios you will want to pair Clara with March 7th to make the most out of her Counter.

Despite all this she still has strong AoE/ST damage output as she is bound to be attacked. As Clara’s play style is quite defensive and reactionary, her gameplay loop may not appeal to everyone.

Yanqing: Yanqing is a good early starting unit when getting into the game, as he has in-built crit DMG and crit rate integrated in his kit. This saves the user from relic sub-stat grinding from the start and focus on other stats such as SPD, Crit DMG and ATK. His ST damage is High due to the nature of his kit, with the additional bonus of having a chance to freeze opponents via talent.

His buffs do disappear upon receiving damage, but Yanqing’s talent helps him maintain the buffs, as he has the odds of him being targeted lowers when buff is active. A big downside is fighting AoE capable enemies, as Yanqing’s buffs will get deactivated often, resulting in damage loss.

Low Priority

Bailu: The game on launch only has 2 healers, the other being Natasha. This makes Bailu rather valuable in forgotten hall as you’ll need to properly build 2 teams down the line. She has the ability to give good healing on multiple units with her skill (although RNG) and Ultimate, her Ultimate provides decent healing on units hit for 2 turns.

Bailu also has a Fatal shot protection/ Revive mechanic, which can come in clutch in many scenarios. Despite being the better healer of the two, do keep in mind that she does not have debuff cleanse like Natasha has, this makes Natasha a better pick in certain scenarios.

Geopard: Geopard is a shielder who can Protect the entire team with a rather strong barrier, although it is tied to his ultimate. Geopard also has Fatal shot protection with HP regeneration tied to it.

His innate tankiness and rather strong team shield can be used against content with hard hitting AoE enemies. This makes him a good sidegrade to March 7th when dealing with those types of content. 

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