Requiem Mass Mission Guide

News about the Stop-Motion Shadow sends the space station wild. The Security Department is investigating the incident. Perhaps you could learn something straight from the horse’s mouth?

How to Get: Read the ‘Herta Panopticon System‘ from the Incoming Message Notification. I am sure that I obtain this quest only after completing the Trial of Equilibrium: Part One mission which will increase your Equilibrium level.

1. Chat with Security Department staff to find out more
➥ Teleport to the Railway Platform space anchor in Supply Zone and talk to Arlan and the security staff at the north to start the quest.

2. Chat with the researchers
➥ Teleport to Reception Center space anchor in Base Zone and you can talk to 3 different groups of people (But you only need to talk to Adler and Wen Shiling to progress, others are extra). There is no right or wrong dialogue, choose whichever you want.
1. Abraham and Wen Shiqi
2. Lukacs
3. Adler and Wen Shiling

3. Follow Adler
➥ Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor in Supply Zone and enter the room on the south to find Adler.

4. Help the Wubbaboo to deal with the monsters
➥ There are 3 enemies you need to defeat to complete the negotiation with the Wubbaboo.
1. Teleport to Courtyard (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and head east
2. Teleport to Gallery of Shadow (First Floor) space anchor and head west
3. Teleport to Calyx: Bud of Preservation in Supply Zone and head southwest

5. Give the belongings to the Wubbabboo
➥ Return to Adler and Wubbabbo in the Electrical Room and give them the three items.

6. Head to the designated spot at the storage zone
➥ Teleport to Calyx: Bud of Destruction in Storage Zone and go to the farthest room with the giant Wubbabboo. Talk to Arlan for the next task.

7. Snap 3 photos of the Wubbabboos
➥ Snap a photo of Wubbabboos and the monument
➥ Snap a photo of the giant Wubbabboo
➥ Snap a photo of two sad Wubbaboos

8. Talk to Arlan
➥ Lastly, talk to Arlan again to complete the quest.

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