Powerful Enemies - Second Closed Beta Preview

Powerful Enemies – Second Closed Beta Preview

Honkai: Star Rail is sharing their progress since the First Closed Beta, showing new characters and powerful bosses in the Second Closed Beta.

Second Closed Beta Latest Special Preview Section 3: Powerful Enemies

Hi, Trailblazers! As you know, the Second Closed Beta Special Preview brings you the most up-to-date news on the game.

After the introduction of the first two sections of the Special Preview, Trailblazers should already have a gist of the new scenes and gameplays in this beta. This will be the last section of the Second Closed Beta Special Preview. This time, we will introduce new characters and powerful enemies in the Second Closed Beta. Let’s take a look!

▌ New Encounters, Character Showcase!

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

■ Female Trailblazer Selection Now Available

In Honkai: Star Rail, you will go on a journey of adventure as a Trailblazer. In the previous version, only a male Trailblazer could be selected by default to play the game. The topic of when the female Trailblazer will be launched has been widely discussed. After much preparation, the female Trailblazer is finally here to greet everyone! Next up, let’s go over the Trailblazer ability settings again.

In the initial adventure, the Trailblazer, possessing a Physical Type and on the Path of Destruction, will use a baseball bat to fight. You can choose to deal high damage to a single enemy or launch powerful attacks on multiple enemies according to the situation on the battlefield. At the same time, in the Maze, the Trailblazer can also use Technique to provide the team with a certain amount of continuous healing.

At the end of the Second Closed Beta trailer, “Your Choice,” we also saw that the Trailblazer did not use a baseball bat, but instead held up a spear in an attacking stance. Find out the reason for this by playing through the game!

■ New Characters, New Stories

In the previous test and media content, Trailblazers have already seen many Honkai: Star Rail characters. On that note, new characters such as Kafka, Silver Wolf, Jing Yuan, and more from different factions have been added to the Second Closed Beta. They are all eager to make your acquaintance~

※ During the Second Closed Beta, the Express Logistics event will issue multiple beta-exclusive Character Wishboxes. After using them, you can select from one of the following characters: Jing Yuan (The Erudition: Lightning), Seele (The Hunt: Quantum), Luocha (The Abundance: Imaginary), Kafka (The Nihility: Lightning), Silver Wolf (The Nihility: Quantum), Blade (The Destruction: Wind). Keep an eye out for the beta server notices for more details.

■ Use Weakness Wisely to Defeat Enemies!

Enemies in the game have their own Weaknesses. Using an attack corresponding to enemy Weakness Type to trigger combat will deplete the Toughness of the enemy.

In combat, using an attack corresponding to enemy Weakness Type can deplete the Toughness of the enemy. When enemy Toughness reaches zero, Weakness Break will be triggered. Each Type has a different Weakness Break effect.

For example, if the Trailblazer is of Physical Type, then using Physical attacks to trigger Weakness Break will deal Physical DMG and apply Bleed effect. Bleed deals Physical DoT.

Using Ice attacks to trigger Weakness Break will apply Frozen effect. Frozen prevents the enemy from taking actions.

Apart from the two Types mentioned above, there are more Types in the game waiting for Trailblazers to experience and explore. Make full use of the enemies’ Weaknesses and break their defense!

▌ Warning: Powerful Enemies Incoming!

※ The following content is related to the Second Closed Beta and does not represent the final quality of the game.

The first section of the Special Preview introduced Trailblazers to the maps of Belobog and Herta Space Station that you can experience in this beta. There are also different unique enemies in these maps awaiting the Trailblazers’ challenge. Next, let’s take a look at the two powerful enemies who will appear in this beta.

■ The Doomsday Beast

Based on fragments of the Dusk Leviathan, the Antimatter Legion used the weeping bones to recast the Doomsday Beast. The resentful spirit’s senseless obsession turns into a tangible hand, and the shadow of the old disaster conceals the heavens!

The powerful enemy, Doomsday Beast, that appears on the space station is the Antimatter Legion’s planet destroyer. Legend has it, its right hand brings disaster, its left hand rips apart dawn. The Antimatter Engine suspended in its center is fueled by a sliver of a Leviathan’s will. The tricky thing about the Doomsday Beast is that its attacks come from different sides, and they are of different types. Trailblazers must have a solid strategy before entering battle with it.

Only the echoes of pain remain on the devastated land — the march of the end times. Disaster’s Right Hand is adept at drawing upon Imaginary power to create large-scale attacks.

At the last dawn before the end, the bright and clear morning sun will tremble and cower away. Dawn’s Left Hand is adept at drawing upon Quantum power to launch attacks at single targets.

The ultimate embodiment of power. The form of the energy that accumulates behind it remains unknown. The Antimatter Engine will grant energy to the Doomsday Beast’s right and left hands and enhance their abilities.

■ Cocolia, Mother of Deception

Awaiting Trailblazers at the end of Belobog is Cocolia, Mother of Deception. At this moment, Cocolia, Mother of Deception has a cone of ice imbued with frost energy floating behind her. Her entire body is surrounded by blizzard and fog. While Cocolia still maintains a somewhat human appearance, her body size has been enhanced. During battle, Cocolia, Mother of Deception will summon the Lance of the Eternal Freeze, surrounded by extreme cold, to aid in her attacks.

There will be two phases when battling Cocolia, Mother of Deception. Her attack mechanics and damage type for the two phases will also be different. Even more combat content is left to Trailblazers to explore and experience on your own. We hope that Trailblazers will be able to successfully complete the challenges!

And just like that, the Second Closed Beta Special Preview has released all three of its sections. We extend our gratitude to all Trailblazers for your support. We hope that Trailblazers have learned more about this beta from this section, and tomorrow begins the Second Closed Beta. We look forward to Trailblazers following and discussing the game. The Express Crew will cherish every encounter, and will continue to keep improving the game to bring a better experience to all Trailblazers!

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