Poetic Genius Ingenium Mission Guide

In this mission, you help Cong find a missing Baroumbrella ingenium (a mechanic poet) and many other poets in order to create a poet that can attract his love interest.

In this mission, you help Cong find a missing Baroumbrella ingenium (a mechanic poet) and many other poets in order to create a poet that can attract his love interest. Along the way, you will get a hidden achievement Wordsmith or Literary Novice (depending on your dialogue options).

Start the Mission

➥ You can start the mission by teleporting to Exalting Sanctum and head to the front of Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery. Talk to Guangda and he will ask you to help remove posters around the Exalting Sanctum.

➥ The mission marked 4 posters in the Exalting Sanctum, but you only need to pick up one of them to get the to next and real task.

Gloomy Poet

➥ Follow the lost and found notice and find the owner Cong sitting under the green parasol. After talking to him, you need to find Baroumbella, the Gloomy Poet.

➥ You can find the Gloomy Poet in the lower zone of Exalting Sanctum, near the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery. Regardless of your option, you need to complete an Abacus Circuitry.

➥ Follow the instructions below to complete the puzzle:
– Select button 2 and rotate left 1 time
– Select button 1 and rotate right 1 time

➥ Bring the Gloomy Poet back to Cong and get the next task: find the Borderland Poet in the Scalegorge Waterscape.

Borderland Poet

➥ Teleport to Elixir Research Terrace space anchor in Alchemy Commission and head southwest to find a Gatekeeper (or the Borderland Poet). There is no puzzle here but you need to fight it in a battle to get the Inspo Jade Abacus. After that, you will get a message from Cong for the next task: find the Graceful Poet.

Graceful Poet

➥ Teleport to Starskiff Jetty space anchor in Central Starskiff Haven and follow the navigation to find the Graceful Poet. For this one, you need to take 3 pictures of the parting scene for inspiration.

➥ The game will mark 5 locations, but you only need to take a picture of 3 of them as the remaining 2 do not meet the ‘parting scene’ requirement. The correct 3 locations have been marked with red circles in the image above.

➥ After giving the photos to the Graceful Poet, you need to help it write a poem. While the options may not affect the outcome, here is what I choose:
1) “The parting of close friends.”
2) I’ll say our paths shall reconvene among the stars.

Metrical Poet (Hidden Achievement)

➥ Next is to find the Metrical Poet. It’s located near the bookstore in the Exalting Sanctum. For this one, you will get a different achievement based on the dialogue you chose.

➥ Here is the correct answer if you want the achievement “Wordsmith – Have your literary talent recognized by the Metrical Poet.” If you choose other than the options below, you will get the achievement “Literary Novice – Fail to have your literary talent recognized by the Metrical Poet” :
1) I have a good meal that is hard to forget.
2) Silence is golden.

➥ Give the collected Inspo Jade Abacus to Cong and help the Gloomy Poet to create a love poem for Cong’s love interest.

➥ Go to the Divination Commission and bear witness to Cong’s confession. After the failure, catch up to Cong to console him.

➥ Since Cong doesn’t want to give up yet, he needs your help in asking three different NPCs for more information about Jingzhai.

➥ Head to the Exalting Sanctum and find Cong to tell him about everything you find. After discussing, help Cong pick a gift for Jingzhai for another confession. You can choose anything you want, but I choose to buy the latest jade abacus model.

➥ Find Jingzhai in Central Starskiff Haven and witness the confession. Unsurprisingly, he fails yet again after receiving a firm rejection from Jingzhai.

➥ Teleport to Synwood Pavilion space anchor in Exalting Sanctum to find the brooding Cong at the spot you find the Gloomy Poet and try to console him one last time before ending the mission.


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