Planar Infinity Event Guide

This time, Herta and the three other Genius Society members made some “tiny” renovations to the Simulated Universe, but each of them threw in their own spanner in the works — the code was all messed up, and the program began to expand endlessly!

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ 2023/10/27 12:00:00 – 2023/11/13 03:59:00 (Server time)

➥ Clear Simulated Universe: World 5

Event Overview:
➥ After the event begins, a new plane will be unlocked on a daily basis, with a total of 5 planes. Each plane consists of an Ordinary Plane and a Final Trial. After clearing the Ordinary Plane, you can enter the Final Trial.
➥ Each Ordinary Plane has different rules that help the Trailblazer obtain more Blessings, Curios, and Cosmic Fragments to enhance the Trailblazer’s strength.
➥ The Final Trial features multiple tiers of consecutive battles, with each wave of battle counted as one tier. There are 6 countdown rounds, and as the tiers increase, the enemies will continuously become stronger. In the Final Trial, dealing damage to enemies and defeating them will earn you Trial Points. If there are remaining rounds upon completion, you’ll receive additional Trial Points.
4 Rounds remaining: +10000 Points
3 Rounds remaining: +7500 Points
2 Rounds remaining: +5000 Points
1 Round remaining: +2500 Points
➥ Data such as characters, Blessings, Curios, and Cosmic Fragments used after clearing the Ordinary Plane will be automatically saved and can be used for repeated challenges in the Final Trial to earn higher Trial Points.

Additional Info:
➥ Increasing the Equilibrium Level will also increase enemy levels in the event.
➥ When finalizing an exploration in the Ordinary Plane, you’ll receive Simulated Universe Points and Ability Points based on the progress made during that exploration.
➥ Boons unlocked in the Simulated Universe Ability Tree (excluding Trailblaze Blessings) will also apply in the Planar Infinity event.
➥ Blessings, Curios, or events encountered within a plane will not unlock the Simulated Universe Index.

Planar Infinity

“Infinite Expansion Curio” Plane

Plane Details

  1. Upgraded Curio included in the initial gift: Cosmic Big Lotto (Infinite). Within this plane, the Big Lotto will not be damaged, and breaking destructibles may yield Curious.
  2. Upgraded Curio included in the initial gift: Omniscient Capsule (Infinite). Many destructible objects are contained in this plane, destroy them for a large quantity of rewards.
  3. When entering a new Domain, obtain 1 random Blessing.

Enemy Information

Recommended Teams

In this plane, you want to break as many items as possible, especially in Domain – Adventure where you need to break the barrels. If you have Jingliu, use her Technique so she can dash while her ice dimension destroys every breakable item in this domain. Another option is Dan Heng IL with his super dash. And if there are none of these 2 characters, use characters with long-range attacks like Fu Xuan or Asta.

1) Follow-Up Attack Team (Jing Yuan + Clara + Tingyun + Luocha/March 7th/Lynx)
Path (Elation) | Blessing (Elation + The Hunt + Abundance/Preservation)
Note: There are many enemies in this plane so having an AoE or Blast DPS would be great. Both Jing Yuan and Clara can take advantage of the Elation Path and since the last boss (Gepard) has both Lightning and Physical and Weakness, they can Weakness Break almost everyone easily.

2) DoT Team (Kafka + Sampo + Pela + Luocha/Fu Xuan)
Path (Nihility) | Blessing (Nihility + The Hunt + Abundance/Preservation)
Note: Another great AoE team. With the Nihility blessing, the enemies will take damage everytime they take action. So in a way, they will receive lots of damage from DoT + when your team is attacking. But Kafka is the core character here so if you don’t have her, it’s better to use other team. For Sampo and Pela, any of them can be switched with Guinaifen or Luka.

3) Mono Element Team (Seele + Silver Wolf + Tingyun/Bronya + Fu Xuan)
Path (The Hunt) | Blessing (The Hunt + Abundance/Preservation)
Note: If you have Silver Wolf, you can use Mono-Elemental team like Quantum with Seele/Qingque as your DPS, or Imaginary team with Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae as the DPS. Depending on your DPS, choose the suitable Path for them (The Hunt for Seele, Propagation for Dan Heng IL, etc). If your DPS is a single-target character, make sure to focus on the elite enemies and ignore the mobs they summoned.

Video Walkthrough

0:00 – Final Trial
7:59 – Team Build
8:38 – Blessing & Curio

“Infinite Expansion Nurture” Plane

Plane Details

  1. Encounter Genius Society #81 Ruan Mei’s newly cultivated secret “World Slice.”
  2. All domains in this plane are Domain – Occurrence (except Domain – Boss). 1 random Blessing can be obtained after completing the Occurrence.
  3. When entering a new Domain, obtain 1 random Blessing.

Enemy Information

Recommended Teams

In this plane, you will meet Ruan Mei (Infinite) in the second Domain – Occurrence. In my opinion, the best method here is to choose the Path where your DPS belongs to and choose Blessings of the Hunt from Ruan Mei (You can restart the plane until you get this option, it’s just 2 Domains before you can meet Ruan Mei so it won’t take too much time).
Example: Your DPS is Jing Yuan, so choose the Elation Path. Then when you enter the plane and meet Ruan Mei, choose to obtain all Blessings of The Hunt. Getting all blessings from The Hunt really makes your battle much easier, especially once you get the Blessing ‘Auspicious Star.’

After that, for other Domain – Occurrences and Respite, choose/buy Blessings for the Elation Path (I mean the Path that you choose) until you can get all Path Resonance and Resonance Formation!

When you reach Domain – Respite, go to Herta and upgrade the Blessing ‘Auspicious Star.’ That’s the most important Blessing in my opinion so your DPS can keep spamming Ultimate.

1) Pure Fire Team (Himeko + Topaz and Numby + Asta + Fu Xuan)
Path (Elation) | Blessing (Elation + The Hunt)
Note: Almost all bosses in the Final Trials are weak to Fire so bringing a pure Fire team is great here. Since you meet Ruan Mei’s Occurence on floor 2, I recommend you to keep retrying this Plane until you get Ruan Mei’s Occurence that gives you the whole Blessings for ‘The Hunt.’ After you get that Occurrence, keep choosing Elation Blessings as much as you can. With the combination of these 2 Blessings’ types, Topaz will pretty much be the DPS instead of Himeko.

2) Mono Quantum Team (Seele + Silver Wolf + Tingyun/Bronya + Fu Xuan)
Path (The Hunt) | Blessing (The Hunt + Abundance/Preservation)
Note: Although Cocolia has a Quantum weakness, I still recommend you bring Silver Wolf for other bosses that don’t have said weakness. But if your Seele is strong enough to inflict damage without the Quantum weakness, you can opt to bring 2 Harmony instead to buff her even more.

Video Walkthrough

0:00 – Final Trial
10:20 – Team Build
10:53 – Blessing & Curio

“Infinite Expansion Fragment” Plane

Plane Details

  1. The Robe of The Beauty (Infinite) has been modified. All Cosmic Fragments that have been obtained within the plane can now provide a DMG Boost effect for all allies’ attacks. Obtain more Cosmic Fragments to prepare for the Final Trial.
  2. Entering a new domain, achieving victory in battle, or destroying destructible objects will all get you a large number of Cosmic Fragments in this plane. But also a small chance of no longer receiving Blessings.
  3. You can consume all your Cosmic Fragments within Domain – Respite to buy a great number of Blessings. Consumed Cosmic Fragments can still contribute to the Robe of The Beauty (Infinite)’s DMG Boost effect.

Enemy Information

Recommended Teams

Try to bring at least 2 characters that can break this Strong Arm robot when it imprisons your teammate (in case 1 of them gets caught). That is unless you can use brute force to immediately zero out its HP with huge DPS like Seele or Jingliu.

When you reach the middle domain (the second Domain – Elite), I recommend you choose this Curio because you will get 70% of the Cosmic Fragments you currently possess. Don’t worry about the requirement (enter 3 battles) because you will definitely meet 3 enemies in the next Domain – Combat.

1) Lightning-Lord & Numby Team (Jing Yuan + Topaz and Numby + Asta + Luocha)
Path (Elation) | Blessing (Elation + The Hunt)
Note: Lightning and Fire are the weaknesses of many bosses, but there are some enemies that don’t have them like the Sanctus Medicus and Kafka. Instead, they are weak to Wind so you can actually swap Jing Yuan to Blade for another Follow-Up Attack DPS.

2) Big Boss Qingque Team (Qingque + Bronya/Asta + Silver Wolf/Pela + Fu Xuan)
Path (Propagation) | Blessing (Propagation + The Hunt)
Note: This team is pretty much the Mono-Quantum team but with Qingque as the DPS this time and not Seele. You can use Seele but change the Path to The Hunt if you want. I mention Qingque because there are many enemies here and having AoE DPS is better (also cause I want to diversify the options lol).

3) Annihilation Nihility Team (Kafka + Guinaifen + Tingyun + Luocha/Lynx/Natasha)
Path (Propagation) | Blessing (Propagation + The Hunt)
Note: Another OP team for the stage. Sampo can replace Guinaifen if you haven’t built her yet, but I prefer Guinaifen here.

Video Walkthrough

0:00 – Final Trial
5:32 – Team Build
6:02 – Blessing & Curio

“Infinite Expansion Bait” Plane

Plane Details

  1. A huge number of Trotters have appeared in the plane. Capture them to obtain 2 random Blessings.
  2. For each Trotter captured in Domain – Adventure, 1 random Blessing can be obtained during finalization.
  3. When entering a new Domain, obtain 1 random Blessing.

Enemy Information

Recommended Teams

You can start the challenge by adding Topaz and Numby to the team. Start her Technique in every Domain so the Trotters are guaranteed to not run away from you. Even better, once you win, you have a small chance of obtaining a random Curio. You can swap her with your main support or any other character at the next Domain – Adventure or Domain – Respite.

If you haven’t gotten this achievement yet, you can also get it here easily. Defeat a Trotter with Numby (by using Topaz’s Skill or Talent where Numby’s action is Advanced Forward) and you will get the achievement ‘War At Home.’

1) DHIL Team (Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae + Yukong + Luocha + Flex)
Path (Propagation) | Blessing (Propagation + any DPS Blessing that increases ATK/Crit)
Note: This stage is practically built for Dan Heng IL because almost all bosses have Imaginary weaknesses, which he can super duper take advantage of. If you don’t have Luocha, bring any healer that can cleanse debuff like Lynx or Natasha. Or just use Fu Xuan for her Matrix that can resist CC debuff once.

2) Blade Team (Blade + Bronya + Pela/Silver Wolf + Lynx)
Path (Destruction) | Blessing (Destruction + Elation/The Hunt + any DPS Blessing that increases ATK/Crit)
Note: Aside from Imaginary, the Wind element is also suitable for this stage. You might be at a disadvantage for some bosses that don’t have Wind weakness or have high resistance to it (like Level 2), but with the right Blessings, you should still get a higher score.

Video Walkthrough

0:00 – Final Trial
7:20 – Team Build
7:52 – Blessing & Curio

“Infinite Expansion Upgrade” Plane

Plane Details

  1. Explore the plane to obtain event-limited Blessings corresponding to the selected Path.
  2. After entering a new domain, defeating an Elite, or defeating a Boss, event exclusive Blessings can be obtained.
  3. A single event-limited Blessing can be obtained repeatedly, with each acquisition being counted as 1 enhancement. Each event-exclusive Blessing can be enhanced for up to 9 times.

Enemy Information

Recommended Teams

Each path only has 1 event-limited Blessing, and you can check them out before entering the plane. You can get the specific Blessing repeatedly to stack their effects, a maximum of 9 times. Each Blessing looks great, some with DPS boost like The Hunt, and straight-up increased total DMG from Remembrance. Remember to read each of them and choose one you like the most (and suitable) with your team comp.

The store within Domain – Respite can enhance event-limited Blessings. In each store, all Blessings can be Enhanced 1 time. So don’t waste your Cosmic Fragments and spend carefully. You are guaranteed to see your obtained event-limited Blessing in the store, and each enhancement costs 200 Cosmic Fragments.

1) DHIL Team (Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae + Yukong + Luocha + Flex)
Path (Propagation) | Blessing (Propagation + Auspicious Star + Imperishable Victory + Celestial Annihilation)
Note: Another stage for DHIL to shine. Most of the enemies don’t have an Imaginary weakness, but that’s not really a problem with Dan Heng’s sheer raw damage that he doesn’t even need to Weakness Break them. I mention 3 Blessings from Hunt above and all of them are extremely useful in making his DPS overpowered. You can see my video below for that proof.

2) Kafka DoT Team (Kafka + Guinaifen/Sampo + Asta/Tingyun + Gepard)
Path (Nihility) | Blessing (Nihility + any Blessings that increase DMG)
Note: Another team with main DPS that doesn’t match along with the bosses’ weaknesses. Fret not, the DoT from all the Nihility Blessings should take care of them before the enemies can deliver a death shot to your characters.

3) Follow-Up Team (Herta + Topaz and Numby + Asta/Tingyun + Luocha)
Path (Elation) | Blessing (Elation + Auspicious Star + Imperishable Victory + Celestial Annihilation)
Note: Herta is great at defeating the branches that Ebon Deer keeps summoning, while Topaz and Numby will take care of the big boss itself. Qingque is also a good option but instead of Elation, she’s better with the Propagation Path (see below).

4) Big Boss Qingque Team (Qingque + Bronya/Asta + Silver Wolf/Pela + Fu Xuan/Luocha)
Path (Propagation) | Blessing (Propagation + The Hunt)
Note: Qingque is another AoE DPS that is good to take care of the branches aside from Herta, but you want to choose Propagation for her instead of Elation because her DPS is all from her Basic ATK.

Video Walkthrough

0:00 – Final Trial
5:16 – Team Build
5:48 – Blessing & Curio

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:

  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Stellar Jades x500
  • Relic Remains
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Refined Aether
  • Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • Arrow of the Starchaser
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