Planar Infinity Event Details

This time, Herta and the three other Genius Society members made some “tiny” renovations to the Simulated Universe, but each of them threw in their own spanner in the works — the code was all messed up, and the program began to expand endlessly!

Now it’s up to you to solve this madness of a universe!

Event Period

2023/10/27 12:00:00 – 2023/11/13 03:59:00 (Server time)

Participation Requirements

Clear Simulated Universe: World 5

Event Rewards

Event Details

● After the event begins, a new plane will be unlocked on a daily basis, with a total of 5 planes.

● Each plane consists of an Ordinary Plane and a Final Trial. After clearing the Ordinary Plane, you can enter the Final Trial.

● Each Ordinary Plane has different rules that help the Trailblazer obtain more Blessings, Curios, and Cosmic Fragments to enhance the Trailblazer’s strength.

● The Final Trial features multiple tiers of consecutive battles, with each wave of battle counted as one tier. There are 6 countdown rounds, and as the tiers increase, the enemies will continuously become stronger.

● In the Final Trial, dealing damage to enemies and defeating them will earn you Trial Points. If there are remaining rounds upon completion, you’ll receive additional Trial Points.

● Data such as characters, Blessings, Curios, and Cosmic Fragments used after clearing the Ordinary Plane will be automatically saved and can be used for repeated challenges in the Final Trial to earn higher Trial Points.

Things to Note

● Increasing the Equilibrium Level will also increase enemy levels in the event.

● When finalizing an exploration in the Ordinary Plane, you’ll receive Simulated Universe Points and Ability Points based on the progress made during that exploration.

● Boons unlocked in the Simulated Universe Ability Tree (excluding Trailblaze Blessings) will also apply in the Planar Infinity event.

● Blessings, Curios, or events encountered within a plane will not unlock the Simulated Universe Index.


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