Pela Build Guide

The Nihility – Ice

Role: Debuffer

Recommended Skill Priority

Skill level Priority: Ultimate > Talent > Skill > Basic

Relics and Substats

Relic Sets
1. Musketeer of Wild Wheat
2. Hunter of Glacial Forest

Planetary Sets
1. Fleet of the Ageless
Main Stat
Body: HP%
Boots: SPD

Planet Sphere: Ice DMG%
Link Rope: Energy%

Sub Stat Priority: SPD > HP% = DEF% > Effect hit rate%


  • E1 Regenerate 5 energy when an enemy is defeated 
  • E2 Increases SPD for 2 turns after using Pela’s Skill to remove a debuff
  • E4 Increases Weakness DMG taken from corresponding types after using Ultimate(Recommended investment for Debuffer)
  • E6 Deals additional ice damage to enemies with debuffs

First Impressions and Early Analysis

Pela is a Nihility character with access to Exposed status (DEF reduction).

Currently unknown how useful a DEF reduction is when facing bosses.

Recommended Lightcones


In the Name of the World Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat


Void Hidden Shadow

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