This achievement can be found in Rivet Town and is available before fighting the final boss of Jarilo-VI.

1. Start out by teleporting to Rivet Town, walk up the stairs here you will hear a voice calling out for her sister. Walk up to the window on the left side of the bridge to start the achievement.

Red box = Wrap Trotter approx location.

2. You will be tasked to retrieve an item Dirty Ribbon Tied to a Bell, this item can be found after fighting the Wrap Trotter found at the location marked in image above.

3. Return to the weak voice by the window near the bridge to turn in the bell. After turning in the bell interact with the window once more to obtain the Damaged Music Box, after obtaining the Damaged Music Box you will need to leave Rivet town to reset the map and re-enter the area.

4. Finally you return to the location of the Wrap Trotter to talk to the Anxious Woman to complete this achievement.

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