Out of Reach Mission Guide

After stepping into the familiar Supply Zone, a cry for help could be heard from somewhere out of sight. Rescue the mysterious researcher who was trapped, and maybe he’ll tell you something you don’t know about the Comet Hunter.

How to Get: While I couldn’t confirm the specific requirement, I am sure that I obtain this quest only after completing the Trial of Equilibrium: Part One mission which will increase your Equilibrium level.

1. Find the source of the cry for help by following the decibel changes
➥ Teleport to the Electrical Room space anchor in Supply Zone and enter the room to the east to find the old man. Help him activate the repulsion bridge to start the quest.

2. Ask about the old man’s condition and investigate the stored items at the end of the repulsion bridge
➥ When you reach him, you can claim the Precious Treasure.

3. Go to the maintenance room! Maybe the old man will give you a reward (not)
➥ Teleport to Railway Platform space anchor and head north to the maintenance room. The old man will give you a treasure map.

4. Go to the room marked on the developed treasure map
➥ Teleport to Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor in Storage Zone and face north following the quest navigation.

5. Search for Comet Hunter’s Treasure in the inner parts of the cabin
➥ All of the ‘treasures’ are inside that one cabin.
1. In front of the mechanical panel
2. Stuck on the large mainframe computer
3. At the monitor
4. On the wall

6. Talk to Wen Tianweng again
➥ Teleport to Railway Platform space anchor and go to the maintenance room again to talk to the old man and complete the mission.

7. Get a hidden achievement
➥ Once you complete the quest. Three paper cranes will appear in the room you are standing right now. Investigate all 3 to get a hidden achievement Farewell, Comet Hunter:
1. Behind the monitor
2. Beside Arlan
3. Beside 2 beakers/storage boxes (?)

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